Gay Movie Review: The Peters Twins in Taboo 2

In 2010, a pair of stunning, identical twin bodybuilders earned worldwide porn infamy in their first film together for Bel Ami. Those of you who saw The Peters Twins in Taboo and fell deeply in lust with those notorious twin brothers, Elijah and Milo Peters, will not want to miss the further adventures of Europe’s hottest gay siblings.


The Peters Twins in Taboo 2 promises even more of a great thing from the Peters Twins and many of your favorite Euro porn stars. The brothers are as gorgeous as they were before, and even though they’re becoming seasoned professionals at this, Milo and Elijah never lose that allure of the forbidden as they kiss each other and share life’s most intimate moments with each other (and other men).


Their first scene is a filthy, sexy threeway with Italian hunk Ennio Guardi. The three guys get turned on after comparing their muscular bodies and there’s nothing they want to do more than pull each others’ underpants off to get at the most important muscle of all – the one that fits so nicely into a mouth or an asshole. This threesome features some very exciting oral, like the time one of the twins fits his brother and Ennio in his mouth at the same time! After they get all sweaty and sticky with cum it’s time for a shower, but that just means the guys are turned on enough to go again.


As if a threeway weren’t hot enough, Julien Hussey and Erik Bouna are next to sample the forbidden fruit of the hottest brothers around in a four-man orgy. They find that they don’t all speak the same language, but who needs to talk when mouths can be put to much more entertaining use with kissing and sucking motions?


For a change of pace, Elijah is on his own with his workout buddy Jean-Daniel Chagall in scene four. They look great together as they fuck in the brightly lit room, and Elijah proves that he doesn’t truly need his brother there to give a cum-worthy performance. Afterward, Milo does join the freshly showered duo for more playful sex in bed, bringing the movie to a stunning conclusion.

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