Movie Review: All About Joel

Watch All About Joel on AEBNJoel Birkin is a superstar on the Euro gay porn scene, and one of Bel Ami’s iconic models. “All About Joel” is a fitting tribute to this utterly beautiful and charming young stud with his meaty uncut dick.

The star’s hot threesome with Rhys Jagger and Christian Lundgren is up first. Christian is a little insecure at first about how a threeway with his boyfriend Rhys and the porn legend Joel will go. Rhys is ready to cancel it and avoid the strain it will put on their relationship, but Christian agrees to do it and the scene happens, much to everyone’s satisfaction. Christian surprises us all by topping first before taking on the other guys’ big dicks one after the other.

In scene two, Joel and Sven Basquiat steam up the bathroom when horniness interrupts their shaving and other morning rituals. They soon move to the bed for some cock-sucking, fingering, and ass-fucking fun.

With Marcel Gassion, Joel enjoys an even more intimate and sensual fuck. The closeup shots on the blowjob are incredible, with some cockhead licking and wet slurping that could push you over the edge. After the guys rub their cocks together, you see Marcel getting his entire life as he takes on what is possibly the finest top who’s ever pushed their dick in his ass. That’s really saying something when you consider how ambitious Marcel is as a bottom.

Damian Chapelle is certainly eager, too. He’s up next to enjoy a hot and heavy bareback fuck from Joel. With his dark mop of hair and chiseled features, Damien is mouth-watering eye candy alongside his costar.

Finally, Marc Ruffalo plays footsie with Joel under a table outside before heading inside to blow him. Joel’s cock is throbbing with vitality from that sensual blowjob, just right for delivering a powerful fuck that brings this flick to a satisfying close.

“All About Joel” from Bel Ami is an AEBN VOD exclusive that no fan of Euro porn should miss!

Stars:   Joel Birkin   Rhys Jagger   Christian Lundgren   Damian Chapelle   Sven Basquiat   Jens Christensen   Marc Ruffalo   Marcel Gassion
Studio Name:   Bel Ami