Movie Review: Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs

Watch Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs on AEBNNakedSword Originals and director Mr. Pam are bringing porn fans a new series full of raw fucking in that visually stunning style we all love. “Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs” is the third in the series and it’s full of plot-free, condom-free scenarios in which gorgeous men get right down to fucking in interesting settings (sex in the desert, anyone?).

Trevor Laster, a handsome bald stud with piercing blue eyes and rippling muscles, decides to take gorgeous, mixed-race newbie Derek Cline on the couch in a stunning interracial scene. Derek is a hot power bottom and we’ll be excited to see him again soon. Trevor is showing his versatility these days, to the benefit of every bottom who gets to take on his big dick.

Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose binds and blindfolds muscle bottom Draven Navarro and takes him out to the desert for an aggressive pounding. Ryan, a 6’3” Marine, has no trouble pinning Draven to the ground, ripping his shorts, and pushing his spit-lubed dick deep inside. This is one hell of a visually striking scene and it really gives you the sense that Ryan has taken his captive to the middle of nowhere. After totally using Draven’s throat as well as his hole, Ryan tells Draven he can’t leave until he makes himself cum, and then leaves him to find his own way home.

Beaux Banks and Colton Reece get naked for an insanely hot session in a sex sling, including some 69 that must have required impressive balance and leg muscle strength not to fall out of there. Seriously, just look at the way Beaux sits on Colton’s face and face-fucks him while Colton rims his asshole. It’s hard not to lose your load from this alone. Later, Beaux turns around—not leaving the sling—and sits on Colton’s thick dick. Watching these two go at it is epically erotic.

Ricky Larkin summons sexy Dakota Payne to join him on a couch where he’s playing with himself, and Dakota doesn’t need to be asked twice. Dakota eagerly sucks Ricky’s fat cock and then pushes his legs up to get a taste of Ricky’s hole, taking a moment to play rough with Ricky’s balls. Ricky turns the tables and dominates his fuck boy, sucking him off and lubing his hole with saliva. Dakota is happy to let Ricky use him from head to toe, submitting to a deep pounding and foot play. There’s another interlude of Dakota playing rough with Ricky’s balls amid the aggressive bareback fucking that Ricky delivers. It’s a scorching scene to close an outstanding show.

“Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs” is the third installment of a new all-bareback series from NakedSword Originals. It’s streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Trevor Laster   Derek Cline   Ricky Larkin   Ryan Rose   Draven Navarro   Beaux Banks   Dakota Payne   Colton Reece
Studio Name:  
NakedSword Originals

Watch Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs on AEBNWatch Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs on AEBNWatch Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs on AEBNWatch Bare: Hookups and Fuck Downs on AEBN