Movie Review: Big First Impression

The week’s featured movie, “Big First Impression,” is a celebration of XL cocks and bareback fucking from Extra Big Dicks/Pride Studios and director Gio Caruso.

Adrian Suarez has just been doing some swimming time trials all day, but he’s not too tired for a suck-and-fuck when Jack Andy walks into the showers. Jack’s only wearing a towel and Adrian can clearly see his throbbing boner. As his mouth waters and his own cock begins to stiffen, Adrian eagerly kneels and starts to blow Jack. The two of them swap blowjobs and rimjobs, and then Jack gives Adrian a pounding!

Phoenix Fellington is taking a shower and begins to stroke his BBC. Scott Riley enters the shower and doesn’t even need to say a word to let Phoenix know he wants to suck that large cock of his. As he gets down on his knees, Scott tries to deep-throat the entirety of Phoenix’s meat but finds the girth a bit more than he can handle. Phoenix gets increasingly turned on from the attempts, of course, and is soon face-first in that smooth, pale ass. Bracing himself against the shower wall and then taking a ride on top, Scott proves his ass can take every inch of that dick.

Riley Mitchel and Vic Rocco are chatting in the locker room when Riley notices Vic’s impressive bulge. He’s heard rumors about the size of what Vic is packing, and now’s his chance to find out for himself. Vic is happy to show it off and let Riley enjoy the taste and mouthfeel. After a while, Vic returns the oral favor. Riley spreads his ass cheeks for Vic to lick his rosebud and penetrate his hole. Riley takes a ride on Vic in several positions that show off both men’s muscles beautifully.

Aaron Trainer is meeting Hans Berlin for the first time after talking to him online. They’re each impressed with the other in person, and Hans is curious to find out if all of Aaron’s big talk about his dick is accurate. When he gets his hands on the bulge, Hans lights up with joy. He indulges all of his dick-piggery with his new fuck buddy, and Aaron loves the tightness of that hole! It’s an interracial match that will make everyone want to join a hookup app.

“Big First Impression” is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Hans Berlin   Aaron Trainer   Vic Rocco   Scott Riley   Jack Andy   Phoenix Fellington   Riley Mitchel   Adrian Suarez
Studio Name:   Extra Big Dicks  Pride Studios