Jack Andy

Movie Review: Feed Me That Big Load

Watch Feed Me That Big Load on AEBN“Feed Me That Big Load” from Extra Big Dicks and Pride Studios is new and exclusive this week on our adult VOD theater. The three bareback fucks and one solo scene deliver plenty of spunk!

Marco Lorenzo, the dark-haired hunk on the box cover, grabs and fondles himself to tease and seduce Musclebear Montreal, the bald and bearded stud we see up close in the photo. This seduction technique pays off easily and it’s not long before Musclebear’s face is buried in Marcos’ crotch. After slobbering and deep throating Marcos, Musclebear enjoys a rim job and a deep barebacking from his beefy top. The scene ends with Musclebear on his back, hairy chest and abdomen flexing as he jerks out his own load while Marcos inches closer to popping with every thrust. As the title says, there’s a big load for Musclebear to eat!

Valentin Petrov is a sexy Russian with a big dick, and he’s been making fans lose their loads for years. Jake Morgan is a hairy, muscular American daddy who’s been around for a few years and always delivers a hot performance, particularly when his bubble butt is taking a pounding. (more…)

Movie Review: Caulk Job

Watch Caulk Job on AEBNIf you’re in the mood for blue-collar studs who know how to hammer, nail, and screw, you’re in luck because “Caulk Job” from Raging Stallion Studios and director Tony DiMarco is here with the bareback hard-hat action you crave.

Marco Napoli and Isaac X are a couple of horny carpenters who get horny while working on some drywall. Both of them have the kind of body you get from doing hard labor all day, with sculpted muscles. Isaac and Marco take turns deep-throating each other. Marco is in the middle of burying his face between Isaac’s ass cheeks when their boss, Chris Damned, walks in on them. Instead of reprimanding or punishing them, Chris decides to join them for a threesome. He eats Marco’s ass while Marco sucks Isaac’s cock. After some trading off and swapping positions, Chris gets his dick lubed up and starts to fuck Marco’s hole. Marco takes a deep dicking from Isaac too, and then Marco and Chris take turns fucking Isaac before dumping their loads in him. Break time is over, but the rest of the workday will be much more stress-free after this raw free-for-all. (more…)

Movie Review: Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang Bang

Watch Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang BangDark Alley Media’s Raw Fuck Club loves to give total dick pigs all the meat they can eat. They’re happy to give Jackson Radiz, a notorious Australian power bottom, the gang bang of his wildest fantasies. “Saturated: Jackson Radiz Gang Bang” is the recorded result of that six-on-one action, with one extra scene to grow on after the main event.

Jackson proves to be more than up to the challenge of taking on half a dozen men: Sean Duran, Drew Sebastian, Jack Andy, Riley Mitchel, Aaron Trainer, and Fabio Duran. When the six of them circle him in a locker room and present their hard-ons, Jackson hungrily sucks on each one in turn, sometimes more than one at a time. The way he sucks, it’s like he’s had nothing to eat or drink for days. Eventually, his other hole gets to have some fun. He takes each and every big dick in every available orifice, he loves getting drenched in hot golden juice, and you can tell by Jackson’s face and body language that all of this is more than living up to his kinky fantasies. (more…)

Movie Review: Gag: Non-Stop, Deep Throat Action

Watch Gag: Non-Stop, Deep Throat Action on AEBNDragon Media’s newest, filthiest, most unabashed celebration of oral fixation is this week’s featured movie. It’s a pleasure and an honor to say that “Gag: Non-Stop, Deep Throat Action” is exclusive to AEBN.

Nick Moretti directs these half-dozen scenes of throat-punishing debauchery by just getting in there and letting the camera capture every pulsing vein, every shiny rope of slobber in intimate detail. Sometimes the action is seen from below, sometimes above, often from the side, but most importantly, you always have the best view.

Scene one is a hookup in a garage that features some hot sixty-nine action and skull-fucking on the garage floor. Jacob Woods is here in his first scene ever, giving Clay Towers’ mouth a relentless workout for about 22 minutes! Clay most definitely had a sore throat for the next day or two.

The following scene shows us Tyler Roberts and Blake Houston hooking up at the side of a house. This is a bit of a quickie at around eight minutes, but the payoff is plenty satisfying. (more…)

Movie Review: Big First Impression

The week’s featured movie, “Big First Impression,” is a celebration of XL cocks and bareback fucking from Extra Big Dicks/Pride Studios and director Gio Caruso.

Adrian Suarez has just been doing some swimming time trials all day, but he’s not too tired for a suck-and-fuck when Jack Andy walks into the showers. Jack’s only wearing a towel and Adrian can clearly see his throbbing boner. As his mouth waters and his own cock begins to stiffen, Adrian eagerly kneels and starts to blow Jack. The two of them swap blowjobs and rimjobs, and then Jack gives Adrian a pounding!

Phoenix Fellington is taking a shower and begins to stroke his BBC. Scott Riley enters the shower and doesn’t even need to say a word to let Phoenix know he wants to suck that large cock of his. As he gets down on his knees, Scott tries to deep-throat the entirety of Phoenix’s meat but finds the girth a bit more than he can handle. (more…)

Movie Review: Gang Bang Proposal

gang bang proposal, raw fuck club, dark alley media, bareback, Brian Bonds, Mason Lear, Ray Dalton, Saxon West, Scott Demarco, Jack Andy, Jace Chambers, Sebastian Valmont, Sean Harding, Bentley Michael, Zario Travezz, Osiris Blade, D Arclyte, Ami PhoenixThere’s never been a movie like Gang Bang Proposal before. This AEBN exclusive from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club is both raw and romantic, an unforgettable scenario full of love and lust. Porn superstar Brian Bonds and Mason Lear, his hot boyfriend and fellow porn star, join together in a gangbang scene in which they will both take a bareback pounding from eight men. What sets this apart is that, at the end of all the reaming and the receiving of hot loads, Brian produces a ring and asks Mason that big question.

As an appetizer, horny pig Zario Travezz shows off how capable his asshole is in an interracial fuck party with four well-hung studs: Osiris Blade, D Arclyte, Phoenix Fellington, and Jack Andy. Zario hangs in a sling, getting blissfully spread open and stretched as they wreck his rectum and dump plenty of hot jizz in and on him. (more…)

Review: Cell Block D, Dragon Media’s first all-bareback release

cell block d, dragon media raw, bareback, prison, gay, porn, Rocco Steele, Phoenix Fellington, Alessio Vega, Ray Diesel, Jack Andy, Nick Capra, Cade Maddox, interracial, musclesCell Block D is the first 100% bareback movie from Dragon Media’s Dragon Media Raw line. “D” is for Dick, as in Big Dick, judging by the men in these scenes. Director and star Rocco Steele, a legendary swordsman in his own right, has a bunch of cock-wielding friends behind bars and we’re treated to some cum-tastic antics in these must-see scenes.

Rocco has just started a sucking session with cellmate Nick Capra, who’s hoping to be paroled soon, when the prison guard (Alessio Vega, making his porn debut for Dragon Media) shows up to take Rocco to place the phone call he’s been asking to make… allegedly. In reality, it’s an excuse for Alessio to get Rocco all to himself so he can ride that huge cock raw. We get plenty of close-up shots of the condom-free penetration.

After Rocco returns to the cell, Nick leaves to meet with his parole officer, Phoenix Fellington. (more…)