Movie Review: Caulk Job

Watch Caulk Job on AEBNIf you’re in the mood for blue-collar studs who know how to hammer, nail, and screw, you’re in luck because “Caulk Job” from Raging Stallion Studios and director Tony DiMarco is here with the bareback hard-hat action you crave.

Marco Napoli and Isaac X are a couple of horny carpenters who get horny while working on some drywall. Both of them have the kind of body you get from doing hard labor all day, with sculpted muscles. Isaac and Marco take turns deep-throating each other. Marco is in the middle of burying his face between Isaac’s ass cheeks when their boss, Chris Damned, walks in on them. Instead of reprimanding or punishing them, Chris decides to join them for a threesome. He eats Marco’s ass while Marco sucks Isaac’s cock. After some trading off and swapping positions, Chris gets his dick lubed up and starts to fuck Marco’s hole. Marco takes a deep dicking from Isaac too, and then Marco and Chris take turns fucking Isaac before dumping their loads in him. Break time is over, but the rest of the workday will be much more stress-free after this raw free-for-all.

Not everyone would think to find out if there’s enough room for a good fuck inside a portajohn, but then not everyone is a super-horny construction worker like Jack Andy and Nate Grimes. When Nate walks in on Jack using the facilities, he takes one look at Jack’s huge tool and decides that this is as good a place as any for a spontaneous suck and fuck. The two men take turns orally pleasing each other until Jack decides it’s time to take it up a notch. He turns Nate around and prepares his hole with his fingers and tongue, then let’s just say there are some passersby who get to see some intriguing motions and sounds coming from that portable potty. If the portajohn’s rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.

Jack Andy checks on Devin Franco, who is working late. Noticing a hole in the back of Devin’s pants gives Jack an idea. There will be no repairing that rip after Jack makes it bigger so he can access Devin’s hot ass through the opening. Devin and Jack trade blowjobs, then Jack sits back against the scaffolding so Devin can ride him. Devin, still in his stilts during all this pounding, takes relentless thrusting from Jack in several more positions until he makes a cummy mess of himself. Jack, spurred on by the sight and sounds of Devin’s orgasm, pulls out and unloads on Devin’s spunk-slick abs.

Chris Damned and Isaac X are back for another round to close out the show. The two of them have just as good a time in this one-on-one as they did in their earlier 3-way. Isaac rides Chris’s spit-lubed dong up on the scaffolding and takes it in an array of fun positions, including piledriver.

“Caulk Job” is an AEBN VOD exclusive with some of the sexiest raw studs on the job. Don’t miss out!

Stars:   Chris Damned   Isaac X   Jack Andy   Devin Franco   Nate Grimes   Marco Napoli
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios Group

Watch Caulk Job on AEBNWatch Caulk Job on AEBNWatch Caulk Job on AEBNWatch Caulk Job on AEBN