Movie Review: Big Men, Big Loads

Watch Big Men, Big Loads on AEBNIn “Big Men, Big Loads,” EricVideos gives us three deliciously dirty scenes featuring rough, gritty, raw sex in Paris. This exciting bareback flick is exclusive to VOD and newly released this week.

Bauseur XXL and Darko meet Jeffrey, a pig bottom who’s in search of two big-dick studs to have their way with him. Jeffrey, Darko, and Bauseur XXL head for the basement of a bar for their threesome. The two tops whip out their cocks and Jeffrey eagerly gobbles them up. Once they’re wet with Jeffrey’s slobber, he takes an intense spit roasting. Jeffrey keeps Bauseur and Darko lubed up with frequent ass-to-mouth action between positions. Bauseur and Darko have stored up plenty of spunk to load Jeffrey up and cover him when they pop.

Leo and Rocco XXL start their rendezvous outside in a remote spot with an abandoned worksite kind of vibe. Amid the mounds of rock and dirt, Leo greets Rocco with an open mouth and ready hole. After some deep and intense fucking outdoors, Leo and Rocco go to an apartment where they fuck in doggy, missionary, and other positions that let Rocco drive in deeper. It looks like Leo is going to have a stretched and satisfied hole for at least a day or two.

David Andrejz considers it a perk of working in the hospitality industry when he can have a couple of snacks in between meals, and we’re not talking about the food. He gets to work at the restaurant and finds Tommy and Greg, two tasty men who are equally intrigued to see him. David takes the customers to the cellar and gives them excellent service. The three men have a multi-course meal, including some cream pie.

“Big Men, Big Loads” from EricVideos delivers plenty of fuck for the buck!

Stars:   David Andrzej   Rocco XXL   Jeffrey (EricVideos)   Leo (EricVideos)   Darko (EricVideos)   Tommy (EricVideos)   Greg (EricVideos)   Bauseur XXL
Studio Name:   EricVideos