Movie Review: Blue Collar, Please Stick it In

Blue Collar, Please Stick it InBlue Collar, Please Stick it In features two great scenes from MaverickMan22 Productions. When the Maverick Men describe a video as one of their best topping sessions in a while, then it’s something you don’t want to miss.

In the “Stick it In” portion, a sexy college guy named Shawn invites Cole and Hunter Maverick over to his place, where he loses all the shyness they noticed in him when they were chatting with him online. Shawn can’t take his eyes off their crotches once he has them in his apartment, and soon he gets the chance to taste some Maverick cock and show them how much he wants them! After the Maverick Men fuck his face, Shawn begs them to just stick their cocks in his sweet ass. Naturally they oblige and find that his hole is tight and hungry. Cole and Hunter take out their aggressions on Shawn, showing him just how nasty they can be. He’s submissive and loves the feel of a big dick tunneling into his depths!

The Mavericks fuck Shawn so thoroughly and for so long that they seem to lose track of the camera even being in the room, which often makes for an even hotter scene than usual. It’s deeply sensual and passionate in the most honest way – especially when Shawn is lying on top of Cole, facing the ceiling and taking that Daddy cock far up inside, or when Hunter finishes him off with some deep doggy style.

A hot young black guy (Bottom Boy) is putting coolant in his Jeep at the beginning of the second (shorter) “Blue Collar” segment. Hunter and Cole noticed him checking them out inside the store earlier, so they approach him with their camera, not failing to notice he’s wearing a jock strap. Bottom Boy has just come from the gym – he has to keep that hot body toned. He’s not bothered by the filming and he’s down for “giving them a ride.”

Bottom Boy goes with the Mavericks to some kind of abandoned building, where he starts to suck cock. Soon he’s ready to fuck, and whether he’s got Hunter fucking his ass while he blows Cole or whether he’s got Cole nailing him up against a wall, Bottom Boy lives up to his name. All of this is made even hotter than it already would be by the fact that they have to be careful not to get caught.

From one threeway scene to the next, this is one of the hottest, sweatiest, most stimulating videos we’ve seen in a while from one of the greatest amateur gay porn studios around.

Blue Collar Please Stick It In
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Stars:   Hunter “Maverick Man”   Bottom Boy   Cole Maverick   The Maverick Men

Categories: Amateur   Bareback   Anal   Blue Collar

Running Time:   45 minutes

Released:   08/2010

Studio Name:   MaverickMan22 Productions

Director:   Maverick Man

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