Movie Review: Can’t Keep a Secret

Watch Can't Keep a Secret on AEBNNext Door Studios is great at serving up hot tales of secret attraction that can’t be contained. This week’s featured release, “Can’t Keep a Secret,” contains four satisfying scenes starring some of today’s total smokeshow performers.

Seth Knight’s best friend, Michael Delray, comes over to hang out only to find Seth stuck at home, in a bad mood. Michael wants to boost his buddy’s morale, so he distracts him with a hot flip-fuck. Who wouldn’t feel better with Michael’s XL dick filling up their mouth and then their hole? To make matters even better, Seth gets his chance to vent his frustrations by pounding Michael into the mattress. These two friends look great together, Seth with his tattoos and Michael with his lean physique and pouty mouth.

David Rose pays a surprise visit to his stepbrother, Markie More. The two haven’t seen each other in a while, and this reunion turns out to be an exciting surprise for Markie. After spending time apart, the two stepbros have a lot to catch up on, starting with David’s confession that he’s always had a crush on Markie and can’t get him out of his head. Once he’s gotten over the unexpected news, Markie admits that he’s felt the same way all this time. Now that these “brothers” are grown men, they feel it’s time to act on their lust at last. After their heart-to-heart chat, David and Markie kiss passionately and trade blowjobs. Markie tickles David’s hole with his tongue and pushes his cock inside. This interracial scene boils over with the genuine excitement they feel to be fucking.

Out in the countryside where they live, Jackson Cooper and Jeremy Spreadums are talking a walk, holding hands as they admire the scenery. They have a lot of space and fresh air to inspire lustful thoughts of fucking outdoors. It’s in the bedroom where we see them today, though. This extremely hot couple enjoys a long session of kissing and foreplay, not rushing their pleasure. They share everything, including oral favors and fucking raw. Jeremy services Jackson enthusiastically and then turns himself over to his boyfriend to be used.

When Johnny B thinks he’s got the house to himself, he starts watching porn on his phone and playing with his cock. His stepbrother Jackson Cooper is home, though. He’s perving on Johnny and spying from the closet! Johnny finally figures out that he has an audience, but he can’t be mad at Jackson because he’s no stranger to the closet, either. It’s a relief for the brothers as they can finally explore each other’s bodies after being cooped up in literal and mental closets for so long.

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Stars:   Jeremy Spreadums   Jackson Cooper   Johnny B.   David Rose   Seth Knight   Michael DelRay   Markie More 
Studio Name:   Next Door Studios