Movie Review: “Elder Gardner Chapters 1-4,” Mormon Boyz

mormon boyz, elder gardner, gay, twink, porn, bishop angus, president ballard, bareback, virginElder Gardner is a handsome young Mormon missionary who lives with a forbidden lust for older men storming inside him all day, every day. He craves the attention and approval of a hot daddy, and as luck—good or bad—would have it, all of the older men in his mission fit that description perfectly. It hasn’t escaped their notice, but casting him out is the last thing on their minds. The Brethren are excited to bring out his potential, as we witness in Elder Gardner Chapters 1-4 from Mormon Boyz.

President Ballard has Elder Gardner in his office for an invasive, deeply sensual inspection. In a sexy murmur, Ballard questions the young man about all of his sexual urges while pulling Gardner’s growing cock out of his garments and stroking it slowly, firmly. The thought of sex with men has been the boy’s deepest obsession for years and he can’t hide it anymore, especially not with a sexy Daddy making it impossible for him to keep the secret—and his chastity.

The next step on Elder Gardner’s spiritual-sexual journey is to meet with Bishop Angus, who meets with all of the young missionaries. Angus knows that Gardner has been thoroughly inspected by President Ballard and found to be ripe for the picking. He sees that the boy is nervous and it thrills him. Angus bids Gardner to strip and watches closely as the boy removes his clothes, revealing the bulge that grows to full hardness as the cool air hits his naked skin and the bishop sees his unclothed body. Gardner grows increasingly excited as Angus fondles his sensitive ass, taint, and package with thick, strong hands. Embarrassment turns to submission as Bishop Gardner welcomes Elder Gardner to the next step in his initiation with passionate kisses, hungry mutual cock sucking, ass licking, and deep fucking.

After inspecting Elder Gardner, President Ballard is ready to initiate him in a deeply erotic and sacred ceremony between the two of them. Ballard washes and anoints the young missionary’s body while reciting the words of a ritual that is familiar to Gardner. The new context of these sacred words makes Gardner so hard it hurts, and he’s relieved when Ballard uses his mouth and his big daddy cock to bring both of them closer to the divine.

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Stars:   Elder Gardner   Max Sargent   Bishop Angus
Studio Name:   Mormon Boyz 

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