Movie Review: First Mission

Gay porn stars in various states of undress pose in a pyramid formation on the front cover of Naked Sword's First Mission“First Mission” from NakedSword Originals is our featured movie this week, and a sequel to the studio’s exciting secret agent flick we recently reviewed, “The Swords.” If you love spy movies, hot men, and porn, you’re in for a thrilling ride! Marc MacNamara, who has directed every movie in this series, brings an unmistakable style and sizzle, and the gorgeous locations in Paris and Lanzarote are the basis for some delicious eye candy.

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Andre Donovan has just completed his Swords training, and now he’s headed to France to stop a dangerous scheme that square-jawed stud Cade Maddox and his hired muscle, blue-eyed Brit Josh Moore (also Falcon | NakedSword exclusives) are trying to carry out. Cade has come up with a truth pill that makes anyone who takes it live out whatever lie they tell – with disastrous consequences.

Pol Prince, a fellow Sword agent, thinks that he’s deep undercover when he meets Cade in a Parisian bathhouse. Unfortunately, Cade is already onto him, and he turns the tables on the lean, bearded Spanish hunk. Cade seals Pol’s fate with a dangerous kiss and orders Pol onto his knees. Pol eagerly obeys, opening his mouth and throat for Cade. Once his desire to fuck Pol’s face has been satisfied, Cade eats and fingers Pol’s tight ass in the bath, loosening him up for a hard, raw fuck. After using Pol up, Cade feeds the bottom his cum and then makes sure the agent will never trouble him again.

When Andre meets fellow agent and Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Dean Young in Paris for a briefing, he doesn’t want to believe what Dean tells him about his friend Cade. As Dean is explaining the plot, two fans approach and ask for a picture. Dean quickly comes up with a cover story that they’re filming “something really hot” together. Now that means that Dean and Andre have to go film the fan content and keep their mission a secret. Andre has no problem fucking this hot young Irish bottom with the talented throat and ass, especially when he finds out how flexible Dean can be. There’s a stunning sequence of Dean with his knees up by his shoulders, letting Andre hold him by the torso and bounce him on his huge dick like a stroker.

As Dean is freshening up in the bathroom afterward, Josh sneaks up on him and grabs him. Josh takes Dean to the bathhouse for a reckoning with Cade, not knowing that Andre followed. Cade and Josh already know Dean’s secret mission, but before they can have it out with him, Andre emerges from the shadows and pretends he just got to town for a show and is innocently visiting the bathhouse. Frustrated, Cade shows Andre the bathroom, leaving Josh to take Dean into the back room and have his way with the blond twink. Dean enjoys being used, judging by the size of the load he jerks out of his uncut cock just before Josh pulls out and adds to the cummy mess – which Josh licks up and spits into Dean’s mouth.

In another room, the jig is up for Andre. Cade knows Andre is a Sword agent, and he arrogantly explains his vengeful, cash-grabbing scheme to Andre before letting Josh come in and grab Andre from behind.

Dutch hunk Logan Moore and newcomer Sean Austin are perfecting the truth pill on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The two studs take a break for some fun on the beach, and Logan hands Sean a “ginger shot” when he comes back to shore. The formula goes to work quickly on Sean, but it doesn’t quite have the intended effect. As they’re driving home, Sean says something that makes Logan pull over for a quick roadside blowjob. Back at the house, Logan finishes what they started by fucking Sean’s greedy ass.

Back in Paris, Cade and Josh are trying to dispose of Andre and Dean, but, spoiler alert, Spanish hunk Dani Robles busts in and saves the day. The reward for a job well done is for Dani to show Andre a good time before he flies back to base. Dani takes Andre to his place and deep throats his fat cock. Andre rims Dani and, just when you think the tension is about to boil over, he fucks Dani’s fat ass deep and hard. After Dani pops, Andre feeds his load into Dani’s eager mouth.

On Lanzarote, Logan and Sean test the truth pill once more time before the movie cuts to the credits.

“First Mission” from NakedSword Originals is brand new and available in its entirety today, only on our adult VOD theater!