Movie Review: Fuck U

Chi Chi LaRue has given us another highly erotically charged porno called Fuck U, which was filmed right in her home. The fabulous drag queen director introduces each scene as if teaching a master class on how to direct your own gay porn – “Fuck U” is, in other words, Fuck University. (We’d like to enroll, please!) Chi Chi charms us with her trademark cheeky humor, but she knows we’re all here to see hot men fucking, so she never spends too long explaining each scene before showing us the action.


In the words of Chi Chi, “Brent Everett and Steven Daigle prove that wet sex can be good sex” in the first scene. Brent soaps up his package in Chi Chi’s huge shower while watching Steven get undressed. Steven gets in the shower and the two give sidelong glances at each other’s bodies, but it’s not long before they’re lathering each other’s dicks. Once they’ve rinsed off, the guys get on the shower floor to taste each other’s assholes and cocks. Hot twunk Brent rubbers up (all scenes have condoms, for those unfamiliar with Rascal Video policy) and drives deep into Steven’s smooth ass, giving him (and us) a thoroughly enjoyable time.


Next is some muscle worship starring huge Mitchell Rock and the less bulky (but no less sexy) Rod Daily. Rod is admiring his body when Mitchell walks in. Mitchell compares his own chiseled-from-a-rock physique to Rod’s and smiles. They both drop their shorts, revealing bubble butts framed by jock straps. Mitchell helps Rod stretch and leans in for some kissing. They can’t wait to get their hands and mouths on each other’s bulging crotchal regions! The sixty-nine is particularly fine. Rod bounces on Mitchell’s prick first, and then they flip-fuck. Giving us an incredibly hot finish, Mitchell buggers Rod with a huge black dong while sucking him off.


Military porn is explored in scene three, starring Brandon Bangs and Dayton O’Conner. Brandon is masturbating furiously in what looks like a generic motel room, but he pretends to be asleep when Dayton emerges from the shower. Dayton can’t help getting his hands and mouth on that erection, and soon the two of them are jerking and fellating each other. Then Dayton gets fucked cowgirl and missionary style, leading to nice sticky eruptions from both.


The last scene is a fine example of how to do interracial porn. Chris Robinson is washing Charles the Bald in the shower as Aron Ridge walks in to use the toilet. The two of them size each other up. After Aron smacks his thick black sausage against his palm, Chris turns off the water and, still dripping wet, immediately moves in to gobble that meat. Aron reciprocates while fingering Chris in the asshole, getting him ready to receive something much bigger. Chris rides Aron in the shower and together they jerk out their loads.


You might never make a porno in your life, but it sure is fun to watch how Chi Chi does it!


Stars:   Brent Everett   Aron Ridge   Rod Daily   Chris Robinson   Steven Daigle   Dayton O’Conner   Brandon Bangs   Mitchell Rock   Chi Chi LaRue

Categories: Muscles   Jocks   Fratboys   Anal   Safe Sex

Running Time: 75 minutes

Released: 10/2010

Studio Name:   Rascal Video

Director:   Chi Chi LaRue

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