Movie Review: “Fuck Yeah!”

fuck yeah, hard friction, raging stallion studios, tyce jax, caleb king, sebastian kross, billy santoro, theo ford, adam ramzi“Fuck Yeah!” is the rallying cry of a half-dozen horny men as their bodies clash in sexual ecstasy. It’s also the title of this rock-solid new Hard Friction/Raging Stallion Studios flick from award-winning director Steve Cruz. For these testosterone-dripping scenes of carnal passions, the men are just letting their basic instincts take over and the camera captures it all to perfection. Each pair has such a powerful connection that you can easily forget you’re not actually spying on a real couple going at it in their private time.

Tyce Jax is making his Hard Friction debut in a powerful scene with superstar Sebastian Kross, whose gorgeous face and beautiful tattoos have graced Hard Friction scenes before. Your mouth will water for Tyce’s enormous, throbbing erection, but it’s his asshole that gets the action this time. After all, who wouldn’t take it from the scrumptiously endowed Sebastian? (Don’t worry, we’ll see more of that monster cock later.) Tyce’s buzz cut and facial scruff are a blue-collar contrast to Sebastian’s supermodel-like good looks, and they’re equally hot in their own ways.

Caleb King is another Hard Friction first-timer. He can be a commanding top or a power bottom, and we get to see him do both with cum-splashing results as he pairs up with bearded Adam Ramzi, who looks like the hottest guy you ever picked up at an indie coffee shop. Caleb has kind of an ex-military punk thing going on with his camouflage combat boots and nipple rings. Their lean, muscular bodies flex and sweat in an intense flip-fuck.

We get to enjoy Tyce a second time with Billy Santoro, a bear you’d love to do more than cuddle. Billy’s powerful body can withstand a lot, and Tyce pushes him as far as he can go. Tyce really does have an outstanding dick, so it’s no wonder Hard Friction gave it to us twice in this movie! Billy has a lot to wrap his mouth around, and his asshole really gets a workout.

For the final scene, Caleb King returns and this time his ass belongs to classically handsome top Theo Ford. Theo buries his fat dick deep within Caleb’s hungry hole and fucks him several different ways. When he sucks that dick afterward, Caleb’s green eyes are so beautiful as he gazes up at Theo.

“Fuck Yeah!” is what we say to these four fantastic scenes!

Stars:   Sebastian Kross   Theo Ford   Caleb King   Tyce Jax   Adam Ramzi   Billy Santoro
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Hard Friction  Falcon Studios Group