Movie Review: “Ganged Up,” Raw Fuck Club

ganged up, raw fuck club, dark alley media, gangbang, bareback, interracial, Champ Robinson, Asher Devin, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter, Leo Forte, Parker Allen, Ryan Powers, Hoytt Walker, Jett Rink, Chase Acland, David SF, Adam Black, Simon Santana, Hans BerlinWelcome to the Hotel Gangbang, where men go for an overnight stay only to find out that the rumors about the masked top and his band of merry ass marauders are true. Ganged Up from Dark Alley Media is another phenomenal group fuck flick from a studio that is known for some of the best and roughest in the category.

Here are four scenes that deliver relentless, rough, raw action. The fucking is intense. It’s passionate. At first these bottoms are taken by surprise, but they love every second when they’re strapped to a bed and turned into a cum dump!

In scene one, Hugh Hunter just wants to rest, but a man in a skintight black outfit that covers him from head to toe—with an opening for his dick, of course—springs a surprise on him. When Hugh wakes up, he’s got two cocks in his face and he’s strapped down, helpless. It turns him on and he is soon begging for their meat and their loads! Hans Berlin, Asher Devin, Parker Allen, and Hoytt Walker use Hugh’s holes and fill him up when they’re done.

Jett Rink has checked into the Hotel Gangbang on his birthday, hoping for the masked man and his crew to show up and ream his hungry hole. Sure enough, Ryan Powers, Hoytt Walker, Dolf Dietrich, and Asher Devin enter one by one, making Jett’s day and filling him up just like he wanted!

The masked man finds Simon Santana, a Latino with a nice round booty, and makes a fuck toy out of him! Leo Forte, Champ Robinson, Adam Black, and David SF pound that hole in an interracial gangbang that shows just what a pig Simon really is!

Finally, Raw Fuck Club’s masked top gets what is coming to him. Champ Robinson, Hans Berlin, Asher Devin, Chase Acland, and David SF star in this unmasking scene that sees the mystery man turned into a cum dump for four horny men!

Ganged Up is a rough, raw fantasy that is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Champ Robinson   Asher Devin   Dolf Dietrich   Hugh Hunter   Leo Forte   Parker Allen   Ryan Powers   Hoytt Walker   Jett Rink   Chase Acland   David SF   Adam Black   Simon Santana   Hans Berlin
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media  Raw Fuck Club

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