Movie Review – GayCest: Daddy’s Little Boy

Watch GayCest: Daddy's Little Boy on AEBNThe sexual adventures of the horny Daddy/boy duo known as Alex Killian and Austin Young are featured in this week’s exclusive new release. This love that the two of them share might be wrong in the eyes of many, but it looks and feels so right for Alex and Austin!

This trio of scenes starts out with a sweet-faced twink named Austin lying on his bed. His salt-and-pepper fox of a stepfather, Alex, comes into the room for a chat with his stepson. He can’t help noticing how the boy’s body has come of age in a most pleasing way, and he finds himself giving in to the taboo fantasies that have been dancing in his mind lately. After all, this is his son by marriage, not by blood. It’s just the two of them alone, so it’s up to Alex to be a role model in every way possible. Austin wants and needs to learn the ways of the world.

Soon, this little family unit is taking things in a direction that neither of them would have expected to happen, even though it’s what they both secretly wanted. First, Austin learns how to give a good blowjob when his daddy presents his big dick, which is throbbing with arousal. Next, Austin gets a lesson in bottoming. He finds out that bareback isn’t only about riding horses, nor is raw something that only applies to food. Austin is happy to share his virginity with the man he trusts the most: his stepdad.

Scene two shows us how Alex and Austin continue to explore this new direction in their father/son dynamic. Austin loves it when that huge, condomless cock pushes into his tight hole and starts to thrust!

In the third and most exquisitely forbidden scene, Alex and Austin are at a doctor’s office, getting a checkup for the teen. When Dr. Armstrong examines his patient, he can’t help noticing that Austin has grown since last year, and he’s just as impressed as Alex is. Soon, the two older men are sharing their favorite teen in a raw 3-way that we’re excited to spy on, like a fly on the exam room wall.

GayCest is serving porn fans some of the naughtiest, most orgasmic dad/son action. Don’t miss a minute!

Stars:   Alex Killian   Austin Young 
Studio Name:   Carnal Media  Gay Cest