Movie Review: Hot for My Stepdad

hot for my stepdad, nasty daddy, ducati studios, bareback, dilf, taboo, daddy, bear, muscles, Brad Kalvo, Armond Rizzo, Dolf Dietrich, Myles Landon, Michael Roman, Teddy Bryce, Trenton Ducati, Spencer WhitmanNasty Daddy and Ducati Studios have a hot selection of taboo scenes for us this week with Hot for My Stepdad.

As the first scene begins, Spencer Whitman kneels in front of Myles Landon, who stuffs Spencer’s mouth full of his own jock strap. Spencer’s excited moans and muffled sounds say it all. Meanwhile, Spencer is undoing the fly of Myles’ camouflage BDUs. Myles pulls his pants down the rest of the way and feeds his cock to Spencer. After face-fucking Spencer for a while, Myles pushes his spit-lubed dick into Spencer’s hairy ass and breeds him till he can’t even see straight.

In the garage, daddy bear Brad Kalvo has a different kind of tool to show his cute, muscular stepson Armond Rizzo. Armond is a power bottom, one of the best in the business, and Brad is a solid wall of manly man with plenty of meat for Armond’s pleasure. Their secret Daddy/boy time is a great bonding experience, and although Armond needs no introduction to getting fucked by a big dick, he has a good time with Brad. There’s also some extreme penetration with a big black dong on a wooden pole.

Sometimes daddies need a little time with other daddies, though, and Michael Roman and Dolf Dietrich are a couple of mature muscle studs who really enjoy the release that they can only get with another DILF. In a garage, they savor the taste of each other’s cocks. Michael gives up his hungry hole to Dolf’s fat cock and gets off on tasting his own ass on that beer can dick. Dolf takes some time to enjoy rimming Michael before raw-fucking him till they both blast their loads and swap the cum in a hot, messy spit/kiss.

Trenton Ducati has fun getting his first taste and feel of tattooed power bottom Teddy Bryce’s big dick and hot ass. Teddy’s firm bubble butt is especially enticing and Trenton indulges in some deep probing with several fingers, getting that hole loosened up. Then Trenton slides his hard cock inside Teddy and breeds him till they both pop. Teddy, as always, is an active rider and really knows how to work his hot ass for the camera.

Hot for My Stepdad from Nasty Daddy/Ducati Studios is now streaming exclusively on the AEBN VOD Theater network.

Stars:   Brad Kalvo   Armond Rizzo   Dolf Dietrich   Myles Landon   Michael Roman   Teddy Bryce   Trenton Ducati   Spencer Whitman  
Studio Name:   Nasty Daddy  Ducati Studios

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