Movie Review: I’m Following You

You don’t have to be following the epic “Swords” saga from NakedSword Originals and award-winning director Marc MacNamara to enjoy this week’s offering. “I’m Following You” offers plenty of eye candy without even getting into the intrigue of this sexual spy thriller.

For those of you who do want to see masc studs entangled in action-packed bareback fucks staged in some incredibly beautiful settings, watching all of the scenes in the series will reward you over and over again.

The story of “The Swords” is about NakedSword’s top exclusive models being recruited as Swords agents, pitting them against criminal masterminds and henchmen alike, and the best part is that the fight between the good guys and bad guys inevitably leads to hot, aggressive fucking. Whenever one side or the other wins the day, they always celebrate with yet more hot, aggressive fucking. Everybody wins!

In “I’m Following You,” sexy Greg Riley is prepared to do anything to be the biggest gay porn star in the world. He goes to Fire Island hoping to learn from the best. First he spies on Tony Genius flip-fucking with Ricky Roman on the beach, and while recording video he gets footage of Tony recruiting Ricky into the Swords.

Afterward, Greg corners the top-secret video to the Swords’ own silver daddy Cole Connor and says he’ll leak it if Cole doesn’t help him get ahead in the porn business. Reluctantly, Cole agrees to show Greg what it really takes to be a great porn star.

Meanwhile, Jordan Starr is upset that he can’t find Cole. He tries to get brawny cop Nick Cranston to help him track down the missing person, but Nick is much more interested in fucking Jordan.

Returning from the first movie of the series, bubble-butt power bottom Michael Boston has unfinished business with the Swords. He pays a visit to Tristan Hunter, who helps him capture Cole and Tony to make them do as he pleases—but first, there’s always time for a flip-fuck as far as Michael and Tristan are concerned.

“I’m Following You” can stand alone as a collection of tasty raw scenes starring gorgeous men who fuck like champions. If you’ve been keeping up with the “Swords” series, you’ll love seeing old and new characters continue to engage in an exciting battle of wills and bodies. The “Swords” movies are available exclusively on our VOD theater.