Movie Review: Machismo

The Spanish word “machismo” comes from the word “macho,” and it’s just one of those words that was so good, we English speakers had to start using it too. Machismo is all about masculinity, dominance, virility, aggressiveness, and strength. By Dark Alley Media’s definition, Machismo is also about the swagger that only muscular, monster-hung, sexual athletes tend to possess.

Director and Dark Alley superstar Matthias von Fistenberg decided to explore machismo down in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Where else are you gonna find so many stunning examples of hot-blooded masculinity? Many of the guys can also be seen in the A Monster Inside Me movies, but one thing that series didn’t have was a grand finale like the one you’ll find in Machismo. For more than half an hour, fan favorite bottom Eddie von Fistenberg lives up to his name by taking the manly fists of Matthias and Guina up his well-used butthole!

The other five scenes leading up to the extreme penetration finale feature many gorgeous, super-macho Latin tops breeding greedy little Latin bottoms. We especially don’t want you to miss famous bottom Riu Melo taking a pounding from Joao in scene five. Overall, it’s more than two hours of relentless raw fucking with the fisting serving as the delicious icing on the cake!

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Stars:   Matthias Von Fistenberg   Eddie Von Fistenberg   Rudy   Junior   Steve   Rafael   Joao   Guina (m)   Riu Melo   Yan   Pedro *

Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bareback   Anal

Running Time:   129 minutes

Released:   07/2012

Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media

Director:   Matthias Von Fistenberg

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