Movie Review: Massive Meat

Watch Massive Meat on AEBNEricVideos has got a collection of the sluttiest pig bottoms and most substantial cocks in Europe for your viewing pleasure in “Massive Meat,” a new release that’s exclusive to AEBN VOD.

Giann Maggio is the kind of guy whose arrival gets all the greediest pigs in town twitching and talking, scheming to get their turn with him. His nine and a half inches bring all the sluts around in search of a deep breeding and seeding. Max is certainly among the horniest new bottoms on the scene, so when Giann visits Paris, he immediately presents his hole to the big-dick top. Giann gives Max the pounding he needs and leaves him stretched out and satisfied.

While out cruising one night, Sean Parker hooks up with a young stud named Joe. Sean and Joe go in search of a place that’s just right for a raw fuck with a good view of the city. Up on a rooftop, Sean and Joe take turns sucking cock before Sean pumps and dumps into Joe’s hole. The slightly gritty nocturnal lighting sets a mood and has a look that stands out from a lot of other scenes we’ve watched lately.

Closing the show in true dick-piggy fashion is a threeway in a basement starring Roman Tik, Fabien Sneakers, and the appropriately named Philipp Wants. Sometimes all you wanna do is get on your hands and knees and wait for the hottest men to come along and spit-roast you. This threesome includes multiple positions, double penetration, and lots of cum.

“Massive Meat” from EricVideos is a stimulating and satisfying AEBN exclusive for everyone who never met a big dick they didn’t love.

Stars:   Sean Parker   Roman Tik   Joe (EricVideos)   Giann Maggio   Fabien Sneakers   Philipp Wants   Max (EricVideos) 
Studio Name:   EricVideos

Watch Massive Meat on AEBNWatch Massive Meat on AEBN