Movie Review: My Big Fat Tool

Watch My Big Fat Tool on AEBN“My Big Fat Tool” (Pride Studios/Extra Big Dicks, directed by Gio Caruso) is brand new this week and perfect for all of you who seek only the biggest, hardest tools to fill up your shed.

In a playroom, Rencher Spence waits for someone to show up and make use of his big tool, which he’s been polishing up as he sits alone. When Sean Harding enters, he and Rencher quickly decide they’re a perfect match, at least for a no-strings hookup. Sean shows his ass, Rencher likes what he sees, and Sean thoroughly enjoys servicing Rencher’s dick. When Rencher is rock-hard, Sean turns around and takes a pounding from Rencher’s lubed cock. Between positions, Rencher takes a moment to enjoy the taste and feel of Sean’s meat before commencing to fuck the cum right out of him. Rencher pulls out and adds his own load to the hot, creamy mess.

Jessie Colter visits Tony Orion’s playroom, where he’s flattered and turned on by the way Tony begs for his hefty cock. After toying with Tony for a while, making the greedy bottom continue to plead for his peen, Jessie finally whips it out and enjoys getting a blowjob. Jessie sets Tony on his knees and plays with his ass for a bit and then lies down so Tony can ride him. Later, Jessie fucks Tony missionary style until both of them pop.

Naked except for a jockstrap, Riley Mitchel waits in a dungeon for Sean Duran, who shows up and proceeds to treat him like little more than a hole. Riley is so stoked to be Sean’s plaything that he’s willing to beg and plead. Knowing that he’s got free rein to use this pig as he sees fit, Sean takes Riley’s holes on a ride all over the dungeon and leaves his ass a sloppy, cummy mess.

In a storage room, Sean Harding catches Aaron Trainer stroking his big, black cock while watching porn on his mobile. He decides it’s time to give Aaron something better, and he gets on his knees to put his workmate’s hard prick in his mouth. Aaron gets so excited he bends Sean over and buries his tongue up that ass. Once Sean’s hole is wet enough, Aaron pushes his dick in and drives deep. After riding and getting fucked in an assortment of angles, Sean hops off, kneels, and takes Aaron’s nut on his face while jerking out his own load.

This bareback fuck fest is brand new this week on AEBN!

Starring: Jessie Colter, Sean Duran, Riley Mitchel, Tony Orion, Sean Harding, Aaron Trainer, Rencher Spence
Studios: Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios

Watch My Big Fat Tool on AEBNWatch My big Fat Tool on AEBNWatch My Big Fat Tool on AEBNWatch My Big Fat Tool on AEBN