Movie Review: Our Last Summer

Next Door Studios’ “Our Last Summer,” our featured new release of the week, stars some fan favorite stars as well as new performers who have caught our attention in the best way.

Gorgeous young Elliot Finn is an early riser in more ways than one. When he sees his hot stepbrother and stepbrother’s boyfriend, sexy Dalton Riley and brawny Aspen, lying in bed together, Elliot feels a rise between his thighs. Soon, the muscular couple are wide awake and inviting their admirer to join them for a raw threesome on the living room couch. Dalton and Aspen have a lot of fun using Elliot’s holes, spit-roasting him into an explosive climax and cumming on his face.

Handsome black stud Jake Waters and sexy white hunk Jay Tee have set up a first date that revolves around some refreshing outdoor yoga. Soon they both have to confess that they were only trying to impress each other with a common interest. They’re both obviously fit and in great shape, but it’s not because they’re spending a lot of time in a standing split or handstand scorpion pose. Downward dog, on the other hand, makes a great sexual position! Finding out that they’ve both been putting up a front does nothing to deter Jake and Jay from consummating their mutual attraction. They go to an apartment where Jake sucks Jay’s dick, then mounts him in seated reverse cowgirl. Jay fucks Jake in several positions that challenge his flexibility and strength. Maybe these two should take up hot yoga together, after all.

Elliot Finn and Aspen return from scene one with an emotional scene that gives the movie its title. In their last summer break together before they go away to different colleges far apart, Elliot and Aspen give each other an epic bareback fuck to remember each other by. When Aspen lies back and Elliot wraps his hungry mouth around Aspen’s cock, the lust is unmistakable. Elliot spends a lot of time bouncing away on top of Aspen’s stiff dick, but when Aspen gets up and bends Elliot over to take him from behind, it’s every bit as much fun to watch.

It’s a hot summer day, and the air conditioning in Benji Hart and Nico Coopa’s apartment building is broken. The roommates think that stripping naked will help them cool off, but all it does is get both of the buddies hot for each other. They work up even more of a sweat during the vigorous fucking that follows! Benji and Nico are both newcomers to the porn scene, and we love what we see so far.

“Our Last Summer” from Next Door Studios is a new release that will help you get in the summer spirit, whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and enjoying the heat or down in the Southern Hemisphere and trying to warm up with fantasies of hot days in the sun.