Movie Review: Boy Sluts of America

Next Door Studios’ “Boy Sluts of America” is a new four-scene collection of gorgeous young men doing what comes naturally and putting on a spectacular show of it.

Aspen is an attention-craving stud who’s too impatient to let his boyfriend, Trevor Harris, get off the phone with his mom before trying to fuck. Trevor can’t be too upset with Aspen, though, because that sure is some good dick – and a big one, too. Can Trevor stay on the phone with his mom, keep his earbuds in, and ride his boyfriend’s cock at the same time without making sex noises and getting busted? Stick around and find out!

In the university dorm bathroom, foxy Dakota Payne finds a notice that the pipes are clogged from too many horny guys jerking off and dumping their loads down the drain. But he’s horny right now and he needs a good semen receptacle! What’s a horny twink to do? Why, fuck another guy from the dorm, of course, and along comes sexy Jayden Marcos to provide a great cum dump opportunity for Dakota. (more…)

Movie Review: Our Last Summer

Next Door Studios’ “Our Last Summer,” our featured new release of the week, stars some fan favorite stars as well as new performers who have caught our attention in the best way.

Gorgeous young Elliot Finn is an early riser in more ways than one. When he sees his hot stepbrother and stepbrother’s boyfriend, sexy Dalton Riley and brawny Aspen, lying in bed together, Elliot feels a rise between his thighs. Soon, the muscular couple are wide awake and inviting their admirer to join them for a raw threesome on the living room couch. Dalton and Aspen have a lot of fun using Elliot’s holes, spit-roasting him into an explosive climax and cumming on his face.

Handsome black stud Jake Waters and sexy white hunk Jay Tee have set up a first date that revolves around some refreshing outdoor yoga. Soon they both have to confess that they were only trying to impress each other with a common interest. They’re both obviously fit and in great shape, but it’s not because they’re spending a lot of time in a standing split or handstand scorpion pose. (more…)

Movie Review: Step Bro Steps In

Watch Step Bro Steps In on AEBN“Step Bro Steps In” (Next Door Taboo) is a pure fire new release that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who harbor fantasies of brother-on-brother bareback.

While hot young jock Dante Foxx is in the shower after soccer practice, his handsome blond stepbrother Greyson Lane creeps into the bedroom, picks up Dante’s used jockstrap, and has a good, long sniff. When Dante gets out of the shower, Greyson is still huffing the jock. Dante finds this behavior weird but strangely arousing, so he decides to give his brother a taste of what he could only smell. Greyson takes to the cock sucking like he was born for it, making Dante rock-hard and getting both of them ready for an intense fuck. Dante slides his raging boner into Greyson’s ready hole and barebacks him every way he pleases.

Foxy Donte Thick peeks in on his gorgeous stepbrother, Dante Colle, who’s jerking off in his bedroom to something on his phone (can you blame Donte? We’d have a hard time not spying if we lived under the same roof as this stud). (more…)

Movie Review: Deep Dick Therapy

Watch Deep Dick Therapy on AEBNWhen you’re stressed out, bored, in a bad mood, or otherwise having a bad day, sometimes the most revitalizing thing you can get is a hard, powerful rooting session from a thick, long cock. That’s what the guys in “Deep Dick Therapy” from Next Door Raw are all about. These four scenes of bareback fucking look quite therapeutic to us.

Mischievous twunk Jackson Cooper has been pushing and poking at jockish Spencer Laval’s nerves, teasingly accusing him of being prissy because of how much time he spends in front of a mirror. It might be meant in good fun, but Spencer is about to show his annoying buddy just what happens when he talks too much smack. Spencer tosses Jackson on the bed and pushing his cock in balls deep. Jackson’s fuck tunnel gets a harder workout than he may have had in a while, judging by the surprise on his face. Jackson will learn that his ass had better be ready to take responsibility for the things his mouth says. For Spencer, the real therapy comes from working out his aggression and getting to bust a nut while doing so. (more…)

Movie Review: No Parents, No Problem

Watch No Parents, No Problem on AEBNFour scorching scenes of brother-fucking, bareback action are what it’s all about in “No Parents, No Problem” from Next Door Taboo, our featured new release this week.

If Princeton Price is watching porn, then his stepbrother Aspen can expect a knock on his bedroom door soon afterward. No matter how many times Aspen tells himself he’s got to stop this forbidden habit of brother-fucking, there’s no way he can resist. Princeton is a tall, sexy hunk of man, and his big dick feels as good as his seed tastes.

Elliot Finn and Leeroy Jones are a pair of excitable stepbrothers who immediately begin thinking of all the partying they will do when their parents leave for the weekend. But first, there’s a private party for the two of them on the living room couch, and Elliot is the lucky one who gets to take a ride on his brother’s raw cock!

Jake Porter welcomes his new stepbrother, Ryan Jordan, into the house by making sure to give him plenty of teasing glimpses of naked flesh. (more…)