Movie Review: Step Bro Steps In

Watch Step Bro Steps In on AEBN“Step Bro Steps In” (Next Door Taboo) is a pure fire new release that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who harbor fantasies of brother-on-brother bareback.

While hot young jock Dante Foxx is in the shower after soccer practice, his handsome blond stepbrother Greyson Lane creeps into the bedroom, picks up Dante’s used jockstrap, and has a good, long sniff. When Dante gets out of the shower, Greyson is still huffing the jock. Dante finds this behavior weird but strangely arousing, so he decides to give his brother a taste of what he could only smell. Greyson takes to the cock sucking like he was born for it, making Dante rock-hard and getting both of them ready for an intense fuck. Dante slides his raging boner into Greyson’s ready hole and barebacks him every way he pleases.

Foxy Donte Thick peeks in on his gorgeous stepbrother, Dante Colle, who’s jerking off in his bedroom to something on his phone (can you blame Donte? We’d have a hard time not spying if we lived under the same roof as this stud). Donte isn’t exactly trying to hide, so Dante easily notices that he has an audience. When Donte comes into the room and sees gay porn on Dante’s phone, he decides to give him the real thing. Donte brings shy Dante out of his shell with his fat cock. Dante eagerly blows his brother and then offers up his ass for a raw fuck and a cream pie.

When blond stud Brandon Anderson’s costar for a porn scene bails at the last minute, he has to find someone else fast. Luckily, he has a cute stepbrother, Dakota Payne. After first telling Dakota about his secret job as a porn star, Brandon asks for a favor. Dakota decides to help his stepbrother and heads to the studio, where he quickly shows that he’s got what it takes. After some brother-on-brother kissing, Dakota kneels before Brandon and sucks his cock, and occasionally his balls. He gets Brandon on his back to eat and finger his ass. Brandon reciprocates by going down on Dakota, then lies back and spreads his legs to take a bareback drilling from his stepbrother. Not only is Dakota a natural who fucks well and looks great on camera, but he also throws in some toe sucking and tea bagging for good measure. There must have been some unresolved sexual tension between these blended family members!

Hunky Aspen and his sultry stepbrother Michael Del Ray are hanging out with friends (Nic Sahara, Roman Todd, and Scott Finn in non-sex roles), playing a game of spin the bottle that gets overheated. Aspen and Michael give their buddies quite an eyeful when the bottle points the way for them to kiss. The bros get so into their tonsil tickling that their friends take off, but Aspen and Michael barely seem to notice. Aspen and Michael take their shirts off, and then Aspen helps Michael out of his pants as well so he can deep-throat him. Michael is so worked up that he has to switch gears, taking a moment to rim his brother and get that hole wet for his cock. Aspen takes a pounding against the back of the couch and loves every minute. He mounts Michael and rides hard, making a deep connection with eye contact. The stepbrothers finish off with Michael fucking Aspen in missionary.

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