Donte Thick

Movie Review: Step Bro Steps In

Watch Step Bro Steps In on AEBN“Step Bro Steps In” (Next Door Taboo) is a pure fire new release that will tantalize and satisfy all of you who harbor fantasies of brother-on-brother bareback.

While hot young jock Dante Foxx is in the shower after soccer practice, his handsome blond stepbrother Greyson Lane creeps into the bedroom, picks up Dante’s used jockstrap, and has a good, long sniff. When Dante gets out of the shower, Greyson is still huffing the jock. Dante finds this behavior weird but strangely arousing, so he decides to give his brother a taste of what he could only smell. Greyson takes to the cock sucking like he was born for it, making Dante rock-hard and getting both of them ready for an intense fuck. Dante slides his raging boner into Greyson’s ready hole and barebacks him every way he pleases.

Foxy Donte Thick peeks in on his gorgeous stepbrother, Dante Colle, who’s jerking off in his bedroom to something on his phone (can you blame Donte? We’d have a hard time not spying if we lived under the same roof as this stud). (more…)

Movie Review: Deep Inspection

Watch Deep Inspection on AEBNThis week we’re inspecting “Deep Inspection” from Next Door Raw, an exclusive new release starring some of the hottest muscle jocks and masculine hunks around. If you’ve ever lusted after beer-drinking bros or the kind of guys you might see at the gym or grocery store, this is the movie for you.

When Jackson Traynor is out for a hike, he finds Shawn Mason, a hot, dark-haired guy passed out on the ground, vulnerable to all manner of hungry forest creatures that are looking for a snack. Jackson is a kind stranger, and he knows how to nurse Shawn back to health, so he brings the man home where he can safely recover. When Shawn wakes up and gets over his confusion, he realizes that his rescuer is hot and definitely fuckable. Shawn figures that what he really needs to restore him to full strength is good sex, and the best way to show gratitude to his rescuer is by barebacking him. Jackson couldn’t help noticing the bulge in this stranger’s pants while he was bringing him home, and he’s happy to help Shawn out by relieving his aching balls. (more…)

Movie Review: Brothers Share

Watch Brothers Share on AEBNThis week, we’re finding out just how sexually generous siblings and other partners are willing to be with our feature: “Brothers Share” from Next Door Raw, directed by Rocco Fallon and Cameron Dalile.

Donte Thick and his boyfriend, Chad Piper, have a hot roommate who they like to mess around with sometimes. One day, their roommate’s equally good-looking younger brother, Scott Finn, shows up when big bro isn’t at home. Donte and Chad are delighted to see that Scott looks exactly like their roommate, so they decide to invite little bro to bed with them. Donte, Chad, and Scott are quickly entangled in some torrid dick-in-mouth action, which leads to the inevitable raw threeway fucking. What will Scott’s brother say when he finds out that his roommates fucked his little brother? Maybe there will be even more fun on the way for all of these guys.

Mark Long invites his stepbrother, Roman Todd, to come over and join in while he’s balls-deep in his new fuck buddy, Ty Thomas. (more…)

Movie Review: Brotherly Bond

Brand new and exclusive to AEBN this week, “Brotherly Bond” from Next Door Taboo (directed by Rocco Fallon and Jeremy Babcock) is full of fine young men with sculpted muscles, tasty dicks, and hungry holes. It’s in 4K so you can enjoy every pixel of the hotness.

When Donte Thick agrees to take a hot pic for his stepbrother Michael Jackman’s online dating profile, there’s absolutely an ulterior motive. Donte has been hoping for a chance to see what’s inside Michael’s pants, and he isn’t disappointed. Michael is also impressed, and the way his sucks Donte’s aptly thick dick makes you think he might be trying to inhale it. Plenty of greedy sucking and bareback fucking ensues. These guys are on the box cover and their scene more than lives up to it.

In order to find out if his new stepbrother Julian Bell is gay, Ryan Jordan decides to bait him. Sure enough, Ryan was right—he just needs to help Julian get over his shyness and get right in there with his hands and mouth to suck Ryan’s big dick! (more…)

Featured Star: Donte Thick

Watch Donte Thick in action on AEBNVersatile, good-looking Donte Thick lives up to his name with a fat, eight-inch dick. His abs and bubble butt appear to be carved out of marble. He’s got a smirk that says he knows we want him, and it just makes us want him more.

Donte’s earliest release in our theater is “Guerrilla Troops 4” from Active Duty, released in 2013. In his scene with Princeton Price, Donte tests Princeton’s gag reflex with a skull fuck and then pounds his hole raw. Donte’s other movies for the studio include “Going Commando 7” and “Fraternizing Forces 8.”

“Roommate Relief” (Next Door Raw) sees Donte getting caught huffing Trevor Laster’s underwear. This is the perfect chance for Trevor to act on his own lust for Donte, and soon the roommates are gagging on each other’s big dicks and fucking in an array of positions.

“Bi-Sexually Active 4” from Devil’s Film catches the wave of bisexual porn’s rising popularity. You don’t want to miss the hot threeway that Donte has with Lisey Sweet and Tony Orlando (no Dawn in sight… and if you get that joke, congratulations on making it to middle age or beyond). (more…)

Movie Review: Sneaky Fun

Watch Sneaky Fun on AEBNThis week, we’re featuring “Sneaky Fun” because we know all of you voyeurs and thrill seekers will love the secretive nature of these sexy vignettes from Next Door Studios. Who doesn’t love watching guys take the opportunity to enjoy sneaky sex?

Ian Greene’s dad owns an avocado grove and employs some seriously hot men. One day, Ian is out there to see what he can see, and as luck would have it, handsome Donte Thick is taking a break in a private spot for a quick masturbation session. Soon, Ian is lost in a fantasy of everything he’d like to do with Donte’s big dick. When Donte notices that he has an audience, he invites the young stud over to fuck his hungry hole, because the one thing better than a quick solo on the job is a bareback fuck by the boss man’s son. The two of them enjoy some positions that allow for the deepest penetration.

Given how successful his first voyeuristic episode turned out to be, of course Ian decides to do some more spying. (more…)

Movie Review: Raw Bromance

Next Door Raw’s new release, “Raw Bromance” is all about young studs discovering their mutual attraction and giving in to it, ignoring the boundaries that normally separate employers and employees, teachers and students, and others with defined relationships.

Elye Black is doing some guided meditation with Alex Tanner. Starting with some breathing exercises, Elye begins to relax. Alex “unites their energy” with sensual touches that Elye has to get used to, but soon it’s an intimate, hands-on session where nothing is off limits. Elye enjoys Alex’s hands and mouth on his ever-stiffening cock, and things get downright tantric when Alex slowly mounts him and rides with ever deeper and faster bounces. The men breathe together, forming a sexual union that makes transcendental meditation pale in comparison.

College student Scott Finn has been secretly dating his hot young professor, Michael Del Ray. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Scott excitedly brings a bouquet to his forbidden boyfriend’s office. (more…)