Movie Review: Raw Bromance

Next Door Raw’s new release, “Raw Bromance” is all about young studs discovering their mutual attraction and giving in to it, ignoring the boundaries that normally separate employers and employees, teachers and students, and others with defined relationships.

Elye Black is doing some guided meditation with Alex Tanner. Starting with some breathing exercises, Elye begins to relax. Alex “unites their energy” with sensual touches that Elye has to get used to, but soon it’s an intimate, hands-on session where nothing is off limits. Elye enjoys Alex’s hands and mouth on his ever-stiffening cock, and things get downright tantric when Alex slowly mounts him and rides with ever deeper and faster bounces. The men breathe together, forming a sexual union that makes transcendental meditation pale in comparison.

College student Scott Finn has been secretly dating his hot young professor, Michael Del Ray. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Scott excitedly brings a bouquet to his forbidden boyfriend’s office. Michael gently reminds Scott that they’re trying to keep their relationship off campus, but just this once, he decides they can sneak in some “independent study” during office hours. Pulling out his big dick, Michael offers it to Scott, who delivers a gagging blowjob. Michael has to pull away and fuck that sweet ass before he gets too close to cumming. Scott is so excited to get fucked in all sorts of positions on the chair, desk, and all over the office that it’s hard to believe no one in the building hears.

When handyman Jason Richards overhears some suspicious noises coming from his employer’s abode, he interrupts what turns out to be a hookup between Chris Blades and another man. In this small town, Chris explains, he has trouble finding men. Jason jumps at the chance to put the moves on the stud, literally putting his big dick in Chris’s hands. Chris is amazed and wastes no time taking Jason up on the offer. Jason guides Chris’s head down onto his cock for a deep-throating session. They move to the bedroom, where Jason takes control and fucks him bareback. As Jason coats Chris with his hot load, he lets him know that it won’t be a problem finding a man anymore.

Donte Thick finds Ty Thomas still zonked out after a wild frat party and quickly comes up with a scheme to trick the pledge into taking a good, hard, raw fuck. Ty is so embarrassed to see the pictures on Donte’s phone that he will do anything to get on his frat brother’s good side. It’s not very nice, but it sure feels that way, and this is definitely not Ty’s first time sucking cock and taking it up the ass. After getting a good feel for Ty’s ass, Donte wants to see if Ty tops as well as he bottoms. Donte is always the one in control, and Ty just seems to be Donte’s living sex toy, used for grinding and bouncing on, until they flip-fuck again. In the end, there’s no question that Ty doesn’t mind being used at all, judging by the size of his load.

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Stars:   Alex Tanner (m)   Elye Black   Scott Finn   Jason Richards   Donte Thick   Chris Blades   Ty Thomas   Michael DelRay
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw