Movie Review: Sneaky Fun

Watch Sneaky Fun on AEBNThis week, we’re featuring “Sneaky Fun” because we know all of you voyeurs and thrill seekers will love the secretive nature of these sexy vignettes from Next Door Studios. Who doesn’t love watching guys take the opportunity to enjoy sneaky sex?

Ian Greene’s dad owns an avocado grove and employs some seriously hot men. One day, Ian is out there to see what he can see, and as luck would have it, handsome Donte Thick is taking a break in a private spot for a quick masturbation session. Soon, Ian is lost in a fantasy of everything he’d like to do with Donte’s big dick. When Donte notices that he has an audience, he invites the young stud over to fuck his hungry hole, because the one thing better than a quick solo on the job is a bareback fuck by the boss man’s son. The two of them enjoy some positions that allow for the deepest penetration.

Given how successful his first voyeuristic episode turned out to be, of course Ian decides to do some more spying. This time he sees Gunner Canon and Trevor Laster taking a break from fixing his electrical wiring. When Gunner goes out to the truck to get some lunch, Ian hits on Trevor and ends up sucking the bald, blue-collar stud’s cock. Gunner returns to find Trevor face-fucking their client and whips out his own dick to join the fun. Ian is doubly lucky today and gets spit-roasted by these two hard-hat hunks.

Alex Tanner lives with his parents and is trying to get fucked on the DL by gorgeous Charlie Pattinson, whose scruffy good looks do bear a resemblance to a certain twilight-dwelling movie hunk. Today, Alex sneaks his fuck buddy in for a quickie. Charlie takes charge quickly, just the way Alex had fantasized about, by stripping his clothes off and orally engulfing his cock, then pounding Alex into the mattress. It feels so incredible that Alex forgets to be quiet and moans loudly as he and Charlie unleash their loads. But Charlie successfully makes his exit, leaving open the possibility of more furtive fucks in the future.

Scott Finn has to sneak out of his parents’ house if he ever wants to have any kind of fun. Even though he’s 18 years old, they treat him like a prisoner under their roof. One day, Scott sneaks into the neighbor’s back yard for a smoke. Carter Woods is a little older and really hot, so Scott readily accepts when Carter invites him to hang out inside. Scott’s trip to the bathroom leads to a whole lot more when Carter gets a glimpse of what the twunk is keeping in those shorts. Carter teaches Scott how to suck cock, pops his ass cherry, and works his way up from slow penetration to full-on pounding.

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Stars:   Scott Finn   Carter Woods   Donte Thick   Trevor Laster   Alex Tanner (m)   Gunner Canon   Ian Greene   Charlie Pattinson
Studio Name:   Next Door Studios

Watch Sneaky Fun on AEBNWatch Sneaky Fun on AEBNWatch Sneaky Fun on AEBNWatch Sneaky Fun on AEBN