Movie Review: Deep Inspection

Watch Deep Inspection on AEBNThis week we’re inspecting “Deep Inspection” from Next Door Raw, an exclusive new release starring some of the hottest muscle jocks and masculine hunks around. If you’ve ever lusted after beer-drinking bros or the kind of guys you might see at the gym or grocery store, this is the movie for you.

When Jackson Traynor is out for a hike, he finds Shawn Mason, a hot, dark-haired guy passed out on the ground, vulnerable to all manner of hungry forest creatures that are looking for a snack. Jackson is a kind stranger, and he knows how to nurse Shawn back to health, so he brings the man home where he can safely recover. When Shawn wakes up and gets over his confusion, he realizes that his rescuer is hot and definitely fuckable. Shawn figures that what he really needs to restore him to full strength is good sex, and the best way to show gratitude to his rescuer is by barebacking him. Jackson couldn’t help noticing the bulge in this stranger’s pants while he was bringing him home, and he’s happy to help Shawn out by relieving his aching balls.

Impishly handsome Donte Thick and hunky Princeton Price are a couple of guys who have both been talking to the same girl, unbeknownst to each of them. When they find out they’re being played, the guys decide that this girl deserves a taste of sweet revenge. Donte and Princeton decide to fuck each other and send the girl the evidence. They think that all they’re doing is making her jealous, but in reality, they’ve just unlocked a part of themselves they may not have realized was there. Who needs this girl when they’ve got each other’s dicks and asses to satisfy their sexual needs?

Michael Jackman is trying to sell his house, but first he wants to have someone inspect the place so he won’t get hit with any unexpected repairs. From caulking to cock, Dacotah Red is a handy man in more ways than one, and he finds that special attention is required in the bedroom. It seems that Michael might have a thing for redheads, and Dacotah likes what he sees in Michael’s angular features and sleek muscles. After they take turns blowing each other, Dacotah gives Michael’s ass a raw workout.

Spencer Laval has a country boy/military man appeal that gives this scene a realistic feeling when his character goes home and hangs out with his former drinking buddy, Carter Woods. As they hang out, Spencer and Carter realize that they’ve missed each other, and not just because they always had fun with a couple of beers. Their attraction is undeniable now that they’ve spent time apart. When they head into the bedroom, the buddies give each other hungry blowjobs and take turns fucking each other’s tight holes. After their flip fuck concludes in big, creamy loads, the old friends share a kiss.

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Watch Deep Inspection on AEBNWatch Deep Inspection on AEBNWatch Deep Inspection on AEBNWatch Deep Inspection on AEBN