Movie Review: Deep Dick Therapy

Watch Deep Dick Therapy on AEBNWhen you’re stressed out, bored, in a bad mood, or otherwise having a bad day, sometimes the most revitalizing thing you can get is a hard, powerful rooting session from a thick, long cock. That’s what the guys in “Deep Dick Therapy” from Next Door Raw are all about. These four scenes of bareback fucking look quite therapeutic to us.

Mischievous twunk Jackson Cooper has been pushing and poking at jockish Spencer Laval’s nerves, teasingly accusing him of being prissy because of how much time he spends in front of a mirror. It might be meant in good fun, but Spencer is about to show his annoying buddy just what happens when he talks too much smack. Spencer tosses Jackson on the bed and pushing his cock in balls deep. Jackson’s fuck tunnel gets a harder workout than he may have had in a while, judging by the surprise on his face. Jackson will learn that his ass had better be ready to take responsibility for the things his mouth says. For Spencer, the real therapy comes from working out his aggression and getting to bust a nut while doing so.

Ginger-bearded Markie More is supposed to be working in dark-haired Jeremy Spreadums’ yard, but he’d much rather relax on the shady patio. Jeremy decides that there’s a much better way to get his money’s worth out of Markie, and hey, there’s still some plowing and seeding involved. Markie is into the idea, so he goes in the house with Jeremy and services him orally, using lots of spit. Bent over the couch, then mounted on top in reverse cowboy, Jeremy takes a deep fuck from Markie that tests his endurance. Then we get to see Jeremy’s topping skills when they flip positions and Markie gets fucked to completion.

Muscular Aspen and his boyfriend, Latin twink Jamie Steel, have gone to a therapist who thinks that Aspen will be happier if he acts on his latent dominant tendencies. One day, Aspen surprises Jamie with some kinky sex toys for them to use together. This rough play session unleashes a whole new side of both partners, opening them up to the BDSM fetish they each didn’t know they had—while Aspen loves spanking and skull-fucking like the Dom he was meant to be, it turns out that Jamie is one hell of a submissive and he totally gets off on giving Aspen total control of his body.

Scott Finn is a skinny twink, but that doesn’t mean he won’t eat a good, thick sausage from time to time. Athletic stud Justin Matthews has some girthy meat that he wants to slide into Scott’s smirky little mouth and up his tight hole, and today is the day when Scott gets fed. Although Scott is hesitant at first, once he gets a taste of Justin, he opens up his gullet for some enthusiastic deep throating. After a while, Justin bends Scott over, grabs his slender hips, and pushes his dick deep inside that suddenly greedy ass. Scott never knew a raw fuck could be so fulfilling.

“Deep Dick Therapy” from Next Door Raw is an AEBN VOD exclusive. Don’t miss a minute of this hardcore bareback action with some of gay porn’s finest young guys!

Stars:   Jackson Cooper   Spencer Laval   Jamie Steel   Scott Finn   Justin Matthews   Markie More   Aspen (m)   Jeremy Spreadums
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw

Watch Deep Dick Therapy on AEBNWatch Deep Dick Therapy on AEBNWatch Deep Dick Therapy on AEBNWatch Deep Dick Therapy on AEBN