Movie Review: Boy Sluts of America

Next Door Studios’ “Boy Sluts of America” is a new four-scene collection of gorgeous young men doing what comes naturally and putting on a spectacular show of it.

Aspen is an attention-craving stud who’s too impatient to let his boyfriend, Trevor Harris, get off the phone with his mom before trying to fuck. Trevor can’t be too upset with Aspen, though, because that sure is some good dick – and a big one, too. Can Trevor stay on the phone with his mom, keep his earbuds in, and ride his boyfriend’s cock at the same time without making sex noises and getting busted? Stick around and find out!

In the university dorm bathroom, foxy Dakota Payne finds a notice that the pipes are clogged from too many horny guys jerking off and dumping their loads down the drain. But he’s horny right now and he needs a good semen receptacle! What’s a horny twink to do? Why, fuck another guy from the dorm, of course, and along comes sexy Jayden Marcos to provide a great cum dump opportunity for Dakota.

Tall, sexy bottom Elliot Finn and clean-cut stud Brandon Anderson are a couple of Boy Sluts camping out in the wilderness. It’s time for Elliot to earn his Rock Hard badge, and Brandon’s big dick is going to be the key to proving his merit. Luckily for Elliot, Brandon has a raging boner and is happy to help his fellow slut-scout by letting him demonstrate his blowjob prowess and his ability to bottom.

When beefy massage client Axel Kane ends up on cute young masseur Hoss Kado’s table in the spa, he gets more intimate service than he expected. He didn’t know it was that kind of a spa, apparently. Hoss kneels down and orally services Axel’s meaty dick and then presents his sweet ass for a bareback fuck. What a relaxing massage! Axel is sure to become a regular client.

“Boy Sluts of America” is a hot new release from Next Door Studios. Check it out in our adult VOD theater today!