Movie Review: Paris Perfect

paris perfect, nakedsword, naked sword, colton grey, johnny v, francois sagat, theo ford, dani robles, denis vega, gabriel cross, gay, porn, parody, farce, sister roma, franceNakedSword Originals presents an international adventure with some of the most gorgeous men in porn, including porn legend Francois Sagat. Filmed on location, Paris Perfect is an entertaining French farce that’s fun to watch even between the fucking.

After his vain, arrogant porn star boyfriend (Trenton Ducati) uses him for one last fuck and then coldly dumps him, Colton Grey decides to take his revenge with a stolen frequent flyer card. Colton, whose innocent-looking blue eyes belie his inner con artist, buys two tickets to Paris for that night. After listening to his friend Johnny V complain about work, Colton talks Johnny into quitting his job and joining him in Paris.

Fresh off the plane in the City of Lights, Colton and Johnny are unable to get a hotel room without an ID to go with the frequent flyer card. Colton seizes the moment when Theo Ford finds them standing on a corner and mistakes Colton for Mr. Ferrand, a rich Frenchman.

Theo is a little confused that his long-lost employer is speaking English with no French accent, but he offers to take Colton and Johnny to the penthouse.

Somehow Johnny has already arranged to hook up with a local (Francois Sagat). Against Colton’s protests, Johnny says he’ll catch up with him in a couple of hours. When Johnny shows up at Francois’ place, neither of them speak the other’s language, but that doesn’t matter because this is only about two hard cocks and two hungry holes. They’re both tops, so Francois flips a coin and determines who fucks who first. Words are unnecessary. Francois fucks Johnny in standing doggy position, with Johnny pushing his muscular ass back against Francois’ thrusts. Then Francois lies down on a table and takes a pounding from Johnny, his face displaying obvious ecstasy. This scene is as hot as you’d want it to be, with a lot of chemistry and passion between Johnny and Francois.

Meanwhile, Theo brings Colton to a swanky penthouse, where he has made a plate of escargot, Mr. Ferrand’s favorite dish. A Spanish hit man, Dani Robles, has followed them and wants to collect a debt. Theo offers himself up as collateral, and Colton listens in confusion from the bedroom as the tall, sexy, handsome butler fucks the dark, lean, bearded hit man on the living room floor. At least he gets to throw out the escargot while Theo isn’t looking.

 Johnny steps outside Francois’ front door and his phone gets stolen immediately. Alone and phoneless in a foreign city, he doesn’t know where to meet Colton. After a long quest to find a pay phone, he overhears another American (the iconic drag queen Sister Roma, who is NakedSword’s “art director and overall ambassador”) talking on the phone in English. He asks to borrow her phone so he can call Colton, waking him from a crazy dream.

As soon as Colton hangs up the phone he sees a cute guy in briefs standing over the bed, glaring down at him. It’s British twunk Gabriel Cross, Ferrand’s previous lover, who thinks that Ferrand has dumped him for Colton because Ferrand wants to fuck his own doppelganger. Colton likes what he sees and decides that they should fuck in Ferrand’s bed. These two are ideally matched, physically. They’re both pretty, they look hot together, and both of them are fantastic flip-fuckers. Afterward, they fall asleep and only wake up when Johnny shows up, followed quickly by the real Ferrand.

This awkward situation has a convenient solution, though, that concludes with Colby, Johnny, and Theo satisfying Dani and his fellow Spanish hit man, Deni Vega, in a five-man orgy that brings the movie to a stunning conclusion!

Paris Perfect is a VOD exclusive on AEBN, released this week. Any movie that’s good enough to bring Francois Sagat out of retirement for only the second time in five years is a movie that you want to see!

Stars:   Trenton Ducati   Colton Grey   Theo Ford   Denis Vega   Dani Robles   Johnny V.   Francois Sagat   Gabriel Cross
Studio Name:   NakedSword Originals 

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