Movie Review: Pigs Love Cum

Pigs Love Cum, gay bareback, pissing, cream pies, armand rizzo, blue bailey, lukas cipriani, super steve, aarin asker, nick roberts, boy fillmore, boy fillups, jason stormme, lex antoineThe bottoms of Pigs Love Cum (Dick Wadd) really live up to the title. You won’t find a nastier, hungrier crew of piggies than these.

Aarin Asker and Boy Fillmore are sharing a room and a whole lot more. What starts with kissing leads to Boy throwing Aarin down on the bed and fucking him into the mattress, stretching his hole in numerous positions. After Aarin blows his load, Fillmore creams his hole not once, but twice! Aarin hungrily scoops the cum up in his hand and eats it like the pig he is.

Versatile fuckers Armond Rizzo and Lukas Cipriani flip a coin to see who gets fucked first. Having won the coin toss, Armond rims Lukas’ furry fuck hole, plunders it with his uncut pole, and pisses inside him. On Armond’s command, Lukas sprays the golden juice from his ass onto Armond’s stiff cock. Turning the tables, Lukas pushes his thick meat into Armond and fills him with piss. When Lukas pulls out, Armond sprays the piss from his asshole. Now that both of them are drenched in the juice, Armond tops Lukas again, pounding him deep until he jizzes. Armond spreads Lukas’ cum on his dick and pushes himself back inside. He creams Lukas’ ass at the end of the scene.

Horse-hung white guys Nick Roberts and Super Steve team up on Jason Stormme. Duct taping Jason’s wrists to a fuck horse, Nick and Steve spit-roast him viciously. Yanked off the horse, Jason gets pushed to the floor that’s slippery with piss. Holding nothing back, the tops rail Jason’s throat and ass, give him a golden shower, and splatter his face with their loads. Using their jizz, Jason finishes himself off and scoops the mix of man juice into his mouth to swallow!

Well-hung Canadian Lex Antoine has the meaty, uncut meat that hungry bottom Blue Bailey craves. Lex gets Blue’s rosebud nice and wet with his tongue and then drives into him deep and hard, pushing him as far as he can go. After an intense raw pounding, Lex fills Blue’s hole with his hot spooge. Next, Lex mounts the Joyrider while Blue rims his hairy bunghole from beneath. Rimming such a hot ass after getting fucked so well pushes Blue over the edge and his flying load splashes onto his chest. Lex licks it up and feeds some of it to Blue.

Pigs Love Cum is one of the hottest and nastiest breeding movies you’re going to see!

Stars:   Armond Rizzo   Super Steve   Lukas Cipriani   Aarin Asker   Nick Roberts   Boy Fillmore   Blue Bailey   Jason Stormme   Lex Antoine
Studio Name:   Dick Wadd