Blue Bailey

Movie Review: Pigs Love Cum

Pigs Love Cum, gay bareback, pissing, cream pies, armand rizzo, blue bailey, lukas cipriani, super steve, aarin asker, nick roberts, boy fillmore, boy fillups, jason stormme, lex antoineThe bottoms of Pigs Love Cum (Dick Wadd) really live up to the title. You won’t find a nastier, hungrier crew of piggies than these.

Aarin Asker and Boy Fillmore are sharing a room and a whole lot more. What starts with kissing leads to Boy throwing Aarin down on the bed and fucking him into the mattress, stretching his hole in numerous positions. After Aarin blows his load, Fillmore creams his hole not once, but twice! Aarin hungrily scoops the cum up in his hand and eats it like the pig he is.

Versatile fuckers Armond Rizzo and Lukas Cipriani flip a coin to see who gets fucked first. Having won the coin toss, Armond rims Lukas’ furry fuck hole, plunders it with his uncut pole, and pisses inside him. On Armond’s command, Lukas sprays the golden juice from his ass onto Armond’s stiff cock. Turning the tables, Lukas pushes his thick meat into Armond and fills him with piss. When Lukas pulls out, Armond sprays the piss from his asshole. Now that both of them are drenched in the juice, Armond tops Lukas again, pounding him deep until he jizzes. Armond spreads Lukas’ cum on his dick and pushes himself back inside. He creams Lukas’ ass at the end of the scene.

Horse-hung white guys Nick Roberts and Super Steve team up on Jason Stormme. Duct taping Jason’s wrists to a fuck horse, Nick and Steve spit-roast him viciously. Yanked off the horse, Jason gets pushed to the floor that’s slippery with piss. Holding nothing back, the tops rail Jason’s throat and ass, give him a golden shower, and splatter his face with their loads. Using their jizz, Jason finishes himself off and scoops the mix of man juice into his mouth to swallow!

Well-hung Canadian Lex Antoine has the meaty, uncut meat that hungry bottom Blue Bailey craves. Lex gets Blue’s rosebud nice and wet with his tongue and then drives into him deep and hard, pushing him as far as he can go. After an intense raw pounding, Lex fills Blue’s hole with his hot spooge. Next, Lex mounts the Joyrider while Blue rims his hairy bunghole from beneath. Rimming such a hot ass after getting fucked so well pushes Blue over the edge and his flying load splashes onto his chest. Lex licks it up and feeds some of it to Blue.

Pigs Love Cum is one of the hottest and nastiest breeding movies you’re going to see!

Stars:   Armond Rizzo   Super Steve   Lukas Cipriani   Aarin Asker   Nick Roberts   Boy Fillmore   Blue Bailey   Jason Stormme   Lex Antoine
Studio Name:   Dick Wadd

Movie Review: Hard Cuts II

hard cuts ii, hard cuts 2, treasure island media, Paying tribute to the raw fuckers we love so much, Treasure Island Media’s Hard Cuts II is packed with more than 150 minutes of hard-pounding tops and greedy pig bottoms doing it skin-on-skin. Director Liam Cole isn’t afraid to cross boundaries to give bareback porn fans what they want, and he finds the hottest men to do it. Then he lets the camera roll as they fuck like beasts. These British men really hold nothing back in the pursuit of carnal pleasures.

Hot TIM veterans Jessy Karson and Peto Coast team up on a sexy, hungry pig bottom named Nathan Gear. First they shave his head clean and then they dirty him up, taking turns violating him at both ends and pushing him to his limit. It’s an impressive sight to behold as Nathan gets used and somehow doesn’t beg for mercy under their relentless pounding.

Adam Russo, the sexy versatile fuck-machine, has an intimate, sensual, and utterly amazing liaison with young bottom Elio Guzman. The way this scene is filmed gives it an especially seedy and voyeuristic feeling. The way the light bounces off their skin emphasizes the sheen of sweat that builds up on their bodies as they fuck harder and longer. Elio gives it up completely to Adam, and who wouldn’t? The breeding that Adam delivers will leave you hungry to watch it again and again.

TIM exclusive Bruce Jordan is a former truck driver, so Liam Cole hired a truck to help him relive his happy memories of the times when he’d fuck other drivers at truck stops. Bruce takes a relentless breeding from other men throughout the night, including furry French muscle daddy Priam and blond jock Blue Bailey. In all, his greedy fuck hole takes nine hot loads!

Cutler X is a powerful, sexy black stallion who never fails to impress with his power and especially his jaw-dropping size. In another intimately lit, highly voyeuristic scene, he dominates and owns a cute blond bottom named Josh Taylor.

Nathan Gear has such a greed for seed that one scene wasn’t enough. He’s back to take more meat, this time from Latin daddy Lito Cruz. Lito’s huge dick is almost more than Nathan can take down his throat… almost. Then Nathan proves that he’s a bottom you’ll remember and want to watch again when he rides Lito and gets his little ass stretched and filled.

In a scene that was originally banned in the UK, Jessy Karson, Jake Ascott, and Lincoln Gates carry on where we last saw them in Hard Cuts I. They love to get high and screw, and three is way more fun than two. All three of them take turns getting fucked, so no hole is unfilled.

Hard Cuts II is streaming exclusively on our theater.

Stars:   Nathan Gear   Josh Taylor   Cutler X   Adam Russo   Lito Cruz   Lincoln Gates   Peto Coast   Blue Bailey   Jessy Karson   Priam   Jake Ascot   Elio Guzman   Bruce Jordan
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

AEBN Releases Top 25 Gay Stars Of 2014

AEBN is pleased to announce the top gay stars of 2014. Fans have chosen who they believe to be the hottest and best performing men in gay adult entertainment.

So, what makes an adult performer a real star? AEBN compiles credible evidence every day and has distilled a year’s worth of consumer data to answer this question. The essence of the data is simply based on the dollars spent by AEBN’s discerning adult customers. AEBN believes that sales credibility trumps any data based upon casual viewing via free tube sites or “performer of the minute” searches. As one of the world leaders in on-demand adult video, AEBN believes it is uniquely qualified to determine which performers have achieved true star status.

Without further delay, we bring you AEBN’s Top Gay Performers of 2014!

#1: Armond Rizzo
Armond Rizzo AKA Joey Rodriguez Movies: 28 Scenes: 31
Compact sized muscle bottom Armond Rizzo loves to take massive cocks. It’s no surprise this sexy Latino was 2014’s best star with titles from Raw Strokes, Raging Stallion, and Iconmale, amongst others. This past year viewers saw Armond getting pounded by some of the biggest cocks in the industry in titles like Bareback Anarchy, Bottom Feeders, and Forbidden Encounters.

This Chicago native moved to San Diego to make it big and take it big, and he’s proven to be one of the best at it.

You can watch top star Armond Rizzo get his ass stretched on the AEBN VOD theater here. Enjoy! (more…)

Blue Bailey

Blue BaileyThis handsome stud with sandy-blond hair and blue eyes will grab your libido and never let it go. Blue Bailey might have been named for his beautiful eyes, or maybe it’s a reference to the “blue cinemas” of old, where you would watch XXX movies in the dark with a crowd of your, ahem, closest friends. (No, it’s probably the eyes, or maybe yours truly is just over-analyzing things.) Oh, Blue looks innocent enough, but don’t let appearances fool you. He’s a cum slut and there’s no denying it. If you don’t believe that, then just see the group-fuck shenanigans he gets up to in Over 18 and Ready for Daddy’s Seed from Slut Machine!

Since 2009, Blue has been proving his sexual versatility. He takes a ride on Chase Coxxx’s big black dick in Raw City 2. When he’s paired up with Adian Storm as his boss in Fuck Authority from Factory Video Productions, Blue flip-flops. Obviously a fan of switching from top to bottom in one scene, Blue does it again with Fyerfli in Ransom Video’s Built to Breed.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy Blue is seeing him top his real-life love, the equally gorgeous Blake Daniels, in Naked Sword’s Boyfriends. There’s a cum swap at the end that is too hot to miss. These two delicious lovers are also together in SX Video’s Bareback Bound. Watching Blue and Blake together gives you a tantalizing idea of what it could be like when they’re in the bedroom, and they look great together on a purely aesthetic level.

Blue has more than two dozen movies to watch in our video on demand theater. Here are three to get you started on what could easily become your new obsession.

Boyfriends Over 18 And Ready For Daddy's Seed Dan Fisk and Blue Bailey

Over 18 And Ready For Daddy’s Seed

Over 18 And Ready For Daddy's SeedEvery twink longs for the day when he turns 18. This special day is a rite of passage and for each tasty young piece of trade out there in the world, there’s always a hot DILF who wants to feed him his first taste of man seed.

In Over 18 and Ready For Daddy’s Seed, the lucky Blue Bailey gets his fill of daddy meat over and over in five unbelievable scenes.

Blue is a total pig bottom at an early age. He thoroughly enjoys his 18th birthday with more bareback fucks than most twinks his age would be able to handle. He’s ripe for the picking and there are certainly plenty of men who are chomping at the bit to have him.

Dan Fisk, Justin Jameson, Heath, Jacob Slader, and Blake Daniels are the DILFs who are here to stuff Blue balls-deep with their cocks and fill him with their hot spunk. Being such an insatiable lad, Blue takes it all and loves it.

Bastard Junior directs this raw anal sex flick from Slut Machine.

Running Time:   62 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Slut Machine
Director:   Bastard Junior
Stars:   Blue Bailey   Heath   Bone Daddy   Blake Daniels   Jacob Slader   Dan Fisk   Justin Jameson
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Mature   Twink   Bareback   Anal   DILF

Work Loads 2

Work Loads 2Going in to the office is anything but a chore if you’re lucky enough to be one of the guys in Dark Alley Media’s Work Loads 2. Men like Blake Daniels, Owen Hawk, Antonio Biaggi, Jessy Karson, and Sebastian Rio would make the work day far more enjoyable, don’t you think? This scorching new release is exclusive to our VOD theater network.

Any way their dominating tops want to fuck them is exactly how these compliant and cock-greedy bottoms want to take it. They’ll happily consume cock on their backs, on their sides, on their stomachs, pushed up against a wall, in threeways – always condomless, of course.

One other thing that these bottoms have in common is that all of them are totally slutty. I mean they live to get fucked. Wouldn’t you, if that were your job? Pushing papers and clicking a mouse all day… forget it. In this office it’s all about pushing a cock into a hungry ass. And when their tops have shot their loads, these bottom boys stand up and enjoy the sensation of it trickling out of their well-fucked assholes.

Directors Owen Hawk, I Que Grande, and Nick Moretti capture all of the action as the fucking frenzy unfolds. They put the “job” in blowjob, handjob, and rimjob. See, there really is work getting done around here!

Running Time:   106 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   Dark Alley Media
Series:   Work Loads
Director:   Owen Hawk  I Que Grande  Nick Moretti
Stars:   Sebastian Rio   Blake Daniels   Derrick Hanson   Owen Hawk   A.J. Long   Antonio Biaggi   Blue Bailey   Jessy Karson   William West   Colton Carbone   Cole Hudson   Caleb Ramble   Sewperman
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Muscles   Bareback   White Collar   High Definition