Movie Review: Raw Brigade 7

Watch Raw Brigade 7 on AEBNOne of our favorite military porn studios, Active Duty, has brought us another hot new fuck flick packed with sexy soldiers. “Raw Brigade 7” is brand new and you don’t want to miss it.

Mike Johnson hasn’t sucked a dick before, so he’s excited about the chance to take Blake Effortley’s boner as far down his gullet as possible. Blake helpfully shoves Mike’s head down on the shaft, putting that gag reflex to the test. Mike proves to have a gift for the art of the blowjob, even for a first-timer. Blake returns the favor, showing how great a man-on-man BJ can feel. Later, Mike bends over and moans as Blake penetrates his ass for the first time. Mike is face-down on the bed with the sheets in his mouth, experiencing one of the most intense sensations of his life as Blake can barely fit inside him at first. With deeper thrusts, Blake stretches Mike enough to give him a real pounding. After a few position changes, Mike shoots a huge load. Seeing how hard he made his new fuck buddy cum, Blake pulls out and spills his seed on Mike’s back.

Princeton Price is lean and light, while John Hawkins is one meaty beast. It’s a perfect combination because Princeton loves being dominated by a beefy top and John enjoys grabbing Princeton’s narrow hips and plowing into that tight little ass with his big dick. But first, Princeton tries to suck down as much of John’s shaft as he can. John has fun taking charge of Princeton, who doesn’t always seem too sure he can take this much cock but ends up cumming all over the bed after a thorough ramming. John paints Princeton’s backside with his creamy cumshot.

Spencer Laval is one of the current It Boys on our theater, so it’s a special treat to see him show up in a scene with Sammy Nicks. The two of them make a good-looking pair and Sammy is well up for being the submissive one. Spencer enjoys fucking Sammy’s face all the way to the hilt, making Sammy gag on his cock. Something about Sammy’s newbie freshness and tight hole brings an aggressive energy out in Spencer. After a vigorous bareback plowing, Spencer pulls out and paints Sammy’s face with spooge. It’s time for Spencer to get to work, so he bails before Sammy has had his turn to cum, but the camera is there to capture the moment as Sammy jerks out his load.

In his scene with Richard Buldger, Elye Black gets to indulge his kink for tickling his tonsils on a hard cock. Richard is happy to oblige and skull-fucks his eager fuck buddy. Once Elye has Richard raging hard, he spreads his cheeks and gets an ass full of cock. Elye jerks off as Richard pushes all the way in. After taking an intense fuck for as long as he can stand it, Elye gets his turn to top. Their hot, raw flip-fuck concludes when Elye jizzes onto Richard’s dick and Richard uses the load to lubricate his finishing strokes.

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Stars:   Spencer Laval   Sammy Nicks   Blake Effortley   John Hawkins   Mike Johnson   Princeton Price   Dave (Corbin Fisher)   Richard Buldger
Studio Name:   Active Duty 

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