Movie Review: Rekindled Brotherhood

Watch Rekindled Brotherhood on AEBNBrothers can spend a lot of time together without ever thinking twice about what’s in each other’s pants, but not these guys. The cast of “Rekindled Brotherhood” (Next Door Taboo, directed by Rocco Fallon) gives in to temptation, and the result is one hell of a hot movie.

Johnny Hill is shooting a video of himself masturbating when he notices that his stepbrother Justin Matthews is spying on him. The two of them have always had a special fondness for each other, but it’s been a while since they’ve spent much time together. Johnny wants things to be the way they were—with a little something more. He convinces Justin to join him in bed and continues to record as he feeds his big, throbbing dick to Justin. The two hot brothers are a gorgeous sight to behold as Justin deep-throats Johnny and then takes a bareback pounding.

Carter Woods is slowly playing with his big dick when his stepbrother Quin Quire walks into the bedroom. After enjoying the view for a while, Quin talks Carter into letting him touch that hard-on, and then suck it. Finally, when neither of them can stand the teasing any longer, Quin fucks his stepbrother raw.

Dacotah Red doesn’t know that his stepbrother Alex Tanner is outside his room spying on his solo session, but when Alex gets a little too excited and bumps against the door, Dacotah tells him he doesn’t need to hide. Alex bashfully emerges, feeling embarrassed and believing that they should act like this never happened. Dacotah convinces his horny but reluctant brother that no one ever has to know if they indulge their lust for each other. Alex decides that the chance to feel Dacotah’s fat cock in his mouth and asshole is too good to pass up, no matter what happens.

Donte Thick has been missing his stepbrother Andre Grey’s hot, tasty hole. It’s just been too long since they fucked, so Donte sneaks up behind Andre and just gets on in there with his tongue and fingers. Andre can’t help enjoying his stepbrother’s oral and anal attentions, even though it’s forbidden. Donte knows how to make him cum like no one else ever could!

“Rekindled Brotherhood” will bring all of your hottest taboo fantasies to life with some of the hottest guys in the Next Door stable.

Stars:   Justin Matthews   Johnny Hill   Quin Quire   Alex Tanner (m)   Donte Thick   Carter Woods   Dacotah Red   Andre Grey
Studio Name:   Next Door Taboo