Movie Review: Roommate Relief

That thrill of a new fuck buddy is just unlike any other feeling in the world. If they’re your roommate, that just means you don’t have to look very far the next time you’re feeling horny. Next Door Raw’s new release this week is “Roommate Relief,” a four-scene flick full of hot guys acting on their lust for the first time together.

Bald, tattooed stud Trevor Laster enters his bedroom to find Donte Thick, his big-dicked roommate, huffing a pair of his underpants. It’s the moment they’ve both secretly been waiting for: the chance for Donte to deep-throat Trevor, and for Trevor to fuck Donte raw. Donte hollers for more, and Trevor gleefully gives it to him in all sorts of positions until they both blow big, hot loads.

Now that handsome Spencer Laval has broken up with his boyfriend, he needs a new roommate to split the rent and utility bills. Living with a stranger is going to suck, but then, a hot guy like Dante Martin can suck in a way that’s a lot more fun. Dante is a versatile little Latino with a bubble butt and a big dick. He suggests that, if he moves in with Spencer, they can make a lot of money throwing parties. Then he shows Spencer that there’s an extra benefit for them both: a live-in fuck buddy, someone to flip-fuck with, so that Spencer never has to feel like his cock or his ass are being neglected for as long as they’re roommates.

Dacotah Red is being groomed to take over his father’s business, so he has the uncomfortable task of evicting tenants who don’t pay their rent. When he gets to sexy Quin Quire (aka Quinn), horny Dacotah quickly sees the potential for a different type of landlord/tenant arrangement. What Quin lacks in cash, he makes up for in dick. Quin is happy to give his hot landlord-to-be a rimjob and a bareback fuck, and Dacotah decides that he can excuse these late rent payments every month if it’s going to be like this.

Bearded stud Carter Woods is nervous about a date he’s got in a few hours. His roommate, auburn-haired hunk Jackson Cooper, decides to help him relax so he can enjoy himself later. Jackson takes Carter by surprise, but soon the nervous stud relaxes into it and lets Jackson deep-throat him. It feels so awesome that Carter is moved to return the favor, sucking and then fucking Jackson’s hole. Later, caught up in the excitement, Carter asks Jackson to fuck him. Carter and Jackson take turns riding each other until they pop, and it seems Carter has decided he’d rather stay in tonight.

“Roommate Relief” is streaming exclusively on AEBN in 4K.

 Stars:   Jackson Cooper   Carter Woods   Dacotah Red   Spencer Laval   Donte Thick   Trevor Laster   Quinn (Corbin Fisher)   Dante Martin
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw