Movie Review: Roommates

Hot young gay men sharing living quarters get to see their sexy roommates every day with morning wood, bringing other guys home, getting home from the gym just gleaming with that post-workout glow. It’s enough to give a guy a case of blue balls when he keeps wondering if he’ll ever have a shot at the attractive guy who shares his living space. But the guys in Roommates don’t just sit around daydreaming and wondering. They take a chance on turning those fantasies into reality.


Brian Brody finds Donny Wright watching porn on his phone and decides to give him the real thing so he doesn’t have to settle for looking at such a small screen. These are two hot guys that would give any roommate a hard-on. As Brian discovers, a staircase handrail makes a great handle to brace yourself against when you’re getting fucked hard!


Cameron Foster tries to play a practical joke on a napping Logan Stevens, but Logan wakes up before the marker ever touches his face. Logan turns Cameron into his sex toy, which might have been what he hoped for as he was placing the fake dick between Logan’s legs.


When Cole Streets gets home, he finds his roommate Troy Collins lying on the table with clothes draped over himself. It’s clear, even without saying a word, that Troy’s sending a message to Cole that he wants to be his dinner. Grinning, Cole accepts the invitation and starts out by tasting his roommate’s nipples, then working his way down to his flat stomach and soon his cock. It turns out Cole is a carnivore and Troy is a tasty piece of meat.


Christian Wilde and Bryce Star take their friendship to the next level when Bryce bottoms for his roommate. There’s no set-up for this scene at all; just two guys kissing and undressing each other, then deep-throating and fucking. When the sex is this hot, you don’t need a plot!


These guys will make you wish they had a vacancy in their apartment. Maybe a little bit of threeway roommate action?


Stars:   Cole Streets   Logan Stevens   Donny Wright   Cameron Foster   Bryce Star   Troy Collins   Brian Brody   Christian Wilde

Categories: New Release   Muscles   Jocks   Anal   Safe Sex

Running Time: 101 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   Jocks  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios

Director:   Andrew Rosen  Bruno Bond

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