Movie Review: “Saluting Sergeant,” Lucas Entertainment

saluting sergeant, lucas entertainment, porn, gay, sergeant miles, tristan archer, joey pele, james castle, drae axtell, michael lachlan, zander crazeSergeant Miles is a man that every Lucas Entertainment model wants to fuck, and we can’t blame them. We drool for those muscles, ornamented with scorpion tattoos that hint at his darker side. The studio gives us an excellent chance to watch Sergeant in action with Saluting Sergeant. This showcase title for one of the company’s hottest exclusive performers will have you, too, standing at attention.

Drae Axtell is the first to partner up with Sergeant. With his beautiful, mouth-watering dick proudly erect and in Sergeant’s face, he’s got more than enough for the cock whore to suck on. Sergeant tests his gag reflex on it. Also featured in this scene is plenty of ass eating and bareback fucking that has Sergeant hollering loudly!

We take a break from Sergeant (hey, other bottoms deserve love too, even in this movie named after Sergeant) when Zander Craze gets sensual—but not soft—with James Castle. Zander and James are excited to fuck, but they want to take their time worshiping each other’s hot bodies. They suck and lick to their hearts’ content and yours. Zander is the first to take a raw ride and he loves every inch of James. Then James has his turn taking a stuffing up the backside from Zander’s huge meat.

Sergeant returns for a scene with fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive Michael Lachlan, an Australian stud with a thick, juicy, uncut dick. Michael and Sergeant take turns sucking and fucking each other in an aggressive and fun flip-fuck scene. There’s also a lot of kinky double-ended dildo action!

Joey Pele has a huge, uncut cock that twink Tristan Archer has a lot of fun with, but Joey makes sure to warm up that tender hole first. Tristan gets a pump in the ass, which Joey inflates. Once Joey is satisfied that Tristan is ready he fucks him long and hard, and we find out just why there was so much preparation involved: it’s not just any bottom who could handle Joey’s relentless fucking. It takes more than just a little stamina!

Whether you’re here for Sergeant or you’ve got your eye on the other six stars, Saluting Sergeant is full of delicious, bareback action. This stimulating Lucas Entertainment film is available exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Joey Pele   James Castle   Drae Axtell   Michael Lachlan   Zander Craze   Sergeant Miles   Tristan Archer
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment