Movie Review: Schoolboy Secrets 6

For fans of the intergenerational porn niche, there is nothing better than seeing a sweet twink get off with a more mature guy – often a furry and perhaps stocky one, just to emphasize the age difference. The Schoolboy Secrets movies from SBS Productions are an excellent way to get your fix. Volume six is the latest installment, with three scenes full of older/younger realness.


Our first twink has a sexy Mediterranean look, thick-lipped with a Roman nose and curly dark hair. He’s drinking something in the kitchen when his furry, bulky fuck buddy comes up from behind, lifts his shirt, and caresses that smooth stomach. There’s a lot of sensual fondling and nipple licking as they undress. Down on his knees, the twink worships the daddy bear‘s big, curved dick. The daddy flutters his tongue all over the young hottie’s ass, including the cheeks, getting him (and us) more excited by the second. They fuck right there in the kitchen, in missionary, reverse cowgirl, and standing doggy. Daddy bear has a strong, sensual, commanding presence and you can really tell they’re enjoying each other. Our only complaint is that this great fuck is over too soon!


A skinny, pale, dark-haired twink is moving into a new place. The older guy who delivers his mattress has a cross tattoo on his arm and wears his wavy hair in a mullet – indeed, he looks like a gay Billy Ray Cyrus. Once the mattress is in the apartment, the guys can’t help acting on their mutual attraction. It’s a good thing they have that mattress there, so the delivery guy doesn’t have to fuck that twink on a bare floor! They get into some great positions, including one where the Billy Ray lookalike lies on top of the face-down twink with his head facing the twink’s feet.


In the last scene, a daddy in a polo shirt is reading a book when a skinny teenager listening to his mp3 player joins him on the couch. The twink playfully pokes the DILF in the knee, signaling his intentions, and they start to make out. Unlike the first two scenes, this time the younger guy is the more dominant partner – and the top. It’s a different dynamic and one that fans of amateur porn should enjoy.

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