Movie Review: Tagging the Freshmen 2

Watch Tagging the Freshmen 2 on AEBNWho are the hottest college guys in the USA? Corbin Fisher finds them and shows them off in their movies, the latest of which is “Tagging the Freshmen 2.” If you’re into college jocks and fratboys, you’re gonna want to get a load (or several) of these four scenes.

The foreplay is playful between Jordan, Cameron, and freshman Zeb, including some nipple pinching and plenty of body part kissing. Zeb lies on his back and enjoys the attention as Jordan sucks his cock and helps Cameron and Zeb get lubed. Jordan graciously waits as Cameron takes the first crack at Zeb’s crack, so to speak. While Cameron fucks the freshman, Jordan’s hands and mouth wander all over the other two guys, and he takes special pleasure in finally penetrating Zeb’s mouth with his throbbing boner. Together, Cameron and Jordan give Zeb’s holes a workout, and all three hot fratboys get a good taste of each other’s cocks. There’s a mirror in the room where they can watch themselves, and it’s hard to believe none of them lose it when they see themselves entangled in an intense double penetration act, with the two upperclassmen’s dicks rubbing together inside Zeb’s tight but flexible ass. One after the other, they finally unleash huge cumshots: first Zeb, then Jordan, and then finally Cameron. By the time they’re all done, Zeb is dripping with his new buddies’ jizz!

Rudy is a reliably enthusiastic, horny fucker who will try just about anything once. Now he gets to try a threeway with Scott and Philip, two of Corbin Fisher’s most fun-loving studs, inducting him into the “frat.” But Rudy proves that he’s no passive fuck toy, and indeed he loves getting the chance to boss Scott and Philip around a little. They don’t mind, because Rudy makes it worth their while with a jousting session and a double blowjob that tests the flexibility and capacity of his mouth. Scott sucks Rudy’s dick while Philip is around the back, fingering Rudy’s rectum to warm him up before getting fucked. Rudy is in heaven with Philip and Scott taking turns pounding his ass, with Scott giving him a particularly vigorous fucking. No cock goes unsucked in this energetic threesome, and the cumshots are voluminous.

After Connor teaches Cain and Sean some mixed martial arts outside, the sexy jocks head inside to work off some of that sexual tension that built between them during their wrestling session. It’s time for Connor to test Cain and Sean on what he just taught them. Connor and Sean dominate Sean, who’s perfectly happy to be the meat in their sandwich and worship Connor’s dick while Cain eats and fingers his ass. Sean is in ecstasy as the two men spit-roast him in different configurations and positions. Connor and Cain take turns fucking Sean’s ass and mouth, and Connor is the one anally railing Sean when he finally unleashes a huge load. Seeing their fuck toy cum makes Cain pop inside Sean’s mouth and Connor inside Sean’s ass.

Connor and Cain return in the last scene to tag-team luck young Max. The three of them waste no time getting their hands and mouths all over each other. There’s some hot nipple play and deep throating before Cain and Connor take turns fucking Max’s fine, greedy ass. While he’s getting pounded, Max keeps his mouth busy rimming and sucking cock. After Connor orgasms, Max cums with Cain’s big dick in his ass, and Cain rewards him with a creampie after feeling Max clamp down on his cock.

“Tagging the Freshmen 2” from Corbin Fisher is a must-see for all of you college guy fans!

Stars:   Rudy (Corbin Fisher)   Sean (Corbin Fisher)   Max (Corbin Fisher)   Connor   Cameron (Corbin Fisher)   Philip (Corbin Fisher)   Cain (Corbin Fisher)   Zeb (Corbin Fisher)   Scott (Corbin Fisher) 
Studio Name:   Corbin Fisher 

Watch Tagging the Freshmen 2 on AEBNWatch Tagging the Freshmen 2 on AEBNWatch Tagging the Freshmen 2 on AEBNWatch Tagging the Freshmen 2 on AEBN