Movie Review: Take Him, Not Me

Watch Take Him, Not Me on AEBNWith just four movies released to date, Disruptive Films has quickly become known for its twisted and tasty take on adult film. Fans of classic porn who miss the days when even the most hardcore sex flicks had a story should find the studio’s work to be right up their alley. Disruptive’s latest release, “Take Him, Not Me,” is an emotionally charged pair of scenes starring a talented and gorgeous cast, featuring the superstar Dante Colle in both.

The first story involves Dante and his partner, the foxy Dakota Payne, housesitting for some friends in a large, beautiful home. Dante and Dakota are in the middle of passionate, romantic morning sex between the sheets as the scene begins, oblivious to the presence of Johnny Ford as he stakes out the house from the backyard. Dakota moans and gasps as Dante enters him and they fuck in missionary, which is incredible to watch even though we don’t see the penetration—but then, just as Dante hits his stride and the rhythm is just right, Dakota hears a noise that spooks him. When the husbands emerge, half dressed, to investigate the noise, they see that someone has broken into the house and eventually encounter Johnny. After ordering Dante to tie Dakota up and fill a bag with valuables, Johnny decides to get some cheap thrills with each of the couple in turn, starting with Dante. Having dominated Dante’s ass, Johnny tells both men to service him before having his way with Dakota. This intense threesome gives a literal meaning to “booty” for this pillager. The contrast between the romantic beginning of the scene and the rough threeway that concludes it couldn’t be starker.

In the second story, titled “My Stepbrother,” Carter Woods needs a place to stay after gambling away his money and stealing from his dad. He shows up on his stepbrother Dante’s doorstep looking for help, after the two of them haven’t seen each other for a decade. Dante is understandably wary, but when he finds out that their parents have kicked Carter out just like they kicked him out ten years ago, he takes pity and agrees to let his stepbrother stay until he can get back on his feet. They hug it out, but the mood flips immediately when Dante tells Carter that he’s still going to have guys come over. Carter thinks Dante is talking about his “buddies,” but when Dante tells him he’s gay, Carter insults him, and Dante orders Carter to leave. Realizing that he will have nowhere else to go, Carter begs for another chance and agrees to do whatever Dante says… even suck his dick. Dante is heated now and ready to show his stepbrother who’s a top and who’s a bottom.

“Take Him, Not Me” boasts two of the most emotionally charged scenes to date from Disruptive Films, with seriously hot men bringing charisma and sexual skills to these thrilling tales that are much about mind fucking as ass fucking.

Watch Take Him, Not Me on AEBNWatch Take Him, Not Me on AEBN