Movie Review: Tattoo Temptations

tattoo temptations, trentonducati, gay, porn, bareback, Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone, Danny Gunn, Michael Del Ray, Teddy Bryce, Trenton Ducati, Leo LuckettLots of body art can be a good sign that the guy has a wild side that will carry over into the way he fucks. If ink turns you on, then Tattoo Temptations from TrentonDucati studio will be an especially stimulating viewing experience.

Mick Stallone and his muscle-daddy husband, Manuel Skye, record footage on a phone as Manuel shows off his handstands and a side-split. Mick gets turned on with Manuel in front of him, slowly grinding his hips against the floor as he’s bent forward from the split position. They start making out and sucking cock, and soon Mick’s dick is deeply driving into his husband’s ass. Manuel and Mick fuck like we all hope they do even when the camera’s not on, and the passion is real. They’re one of the hottest couples with some of the most explosive chemistry you could want. If you make it through without cumming yourself, you’ll be rewarded with some seriously erotic pop shots.

Danny Gunn and Michael Del Ray start stripping and kissing as they enter the room. Michael orally engulfs Danny’s erection, sucking it to an even harder state and testing his gag reflex on it. Danny takes his turn doing the same for Michael before putting him in doggy position and eating that hole, making Michael moan in pleasure and anticipation. After a couple of minutes, Danny pushes his cock inside Michael’s ass and goes at it, fucking hard, pausing for Michael to give him some ass-to-mouth sucking. Danny wants to feel Michael’s fat cock inside him, so they switch places for Michael to breed him in a few positions. The bareback flip-fuck comes to a messy, hot climax.

Trenton Ducati is up next with Teddy Bryce (who looks like Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan circa 1988, but with lots of tattoos). Teddy opens wide and thoroughly enjoys Trenton fucking his face with that big dick. Minutes later, Trenton returns the favor and really gets into it, also taking the time to give some oral love to Teddy’s ass. Once Teddy’s hole is relaxed and wet with spit, Trenton slides his cock inside and pounds that hole bareback. Soon Teddy is sucking Trenton’s cock fresh from his own asshole before getting fucked some more. Trenton’s still deeply thrusting into Teddy when he shoots a hot load, and seeing this inspires Trenton to jizz inside him.

Manuel Skye returns for another round with Leo Luckett, a good-looking, muscular young blond. Leo and Manuel start off in the bedroom but end up on the couch in the living room. Just as Manuel and Mick did in scene one, Leo records them fucking on his phone. As before, there are POV shots mixed in with the action filmed by the main camera. It’s even hotter to get these intimate looks at Leo and Manuel sucking each other and Leo taking Manuel’s big dick.

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Stars:   Danny Gunn   Trenton Ducati   Michael Del Ray   Mick Stallone   Teddy Bryce   Manuel Skye   Leo Luckett
Studio Name:   TrentonDucati

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