Movie Review: “TIMFuck 11,” Treasure Island Media

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Seth had a fantasy about being the meat in a Drew Sebastian/Logan Stevens sandwich. TIM heard him loud and clear, so they decided to make it happen. At the beginning of the scene, Seth shows off his long, fat cock for the camera and his scene partners. He, Drew, and Logan stand in a circle, kissing loudly as they jerk themselves slowly. It doesn’t take them long to get hard and excited enough to take things further. The action is fast-paced and relentless, with all three men giving good vocals and face. After Seth’s been thoroughly used, the camera moves in close as he pushes the jizz out of his reddened, stretched asshole.

Nick Nicastro and Nick Moretti are ready to find out if Blake Daniels can take as much dick and cum as he likes to say he can. Blake thinks two cocks are always better than one and there’s never enough jizz to satisfy him. Let’s just say the three muscular studs have lots of fun testing Blake’s limits!

Steven Richards and Dayton O’Connor find Ludo Sander lying naked on a bed. They quickly get their hands on his firm, inviting ass, Ludo jumps at the chance to gets his hands and hole around their stiffening dicks. Steven slowly peels off his shirt, looking down at Ludo who’s worshiping his cock. Dayton and Steven kiss as Ludo sucks one after the other. Soon Ludo is taking on both studs in his ass and his mouth, becoming their human fuck toy and loving every second. He’s so greedy for cum that he sucks it off the blanket, not wanting to miss a drop!

At a Florida pool house that’s instantly familiar to those in the know, Alex Ramos is on his knees, blowing Jessie Balboa and Wade Stone in front of a live audience. Alex’s smile is wide and blissful as Jessie and Wade pound his hole. Jessie positions himself on all fours at the perfect angle for Wade to drive deep into his ass with that big black dick.

Luca Bondi is craving some of that meat when he gets in the same room with Kamrun and Matt Sizemore. He kneels and starts deep-throating them one after the other with such eagerness that you can’t help smiling. Matt and Kamrun spitroast Luca, switching ends so that neither hole feels neglected.

What happens when two power tops have to share one bottom? Steven Richards and Wade Stone show us when they team up on one happy pig, Jake Austin. Even alpha males like Steven and Wade know how to share, and Jake couldn’t be more ecstatic as they breed the hell out of his greedy hole.

Veteran daddy Ray Dalton, the uni-named Calvin, Latin stud Max Sanchez, beefy daddy BJ Slater, and cock-hungry Bruno Knickerbocker close the show in a relentless five-man gangbang. Bruno begs for load after load in his well-shaped ass, and the other four hunks have plenty of seed with which to inseminate him.

TIMFuck 11 is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   B.J. Slater   Alex Ramos   Bruno Knickerbocker   Nick Nicastro   Kamrun   Matt Sizemore   Blake Daniels   Steven Richards   Seth Fisher   Jessie Balboa   Nick Moretti   Max Sanchez   Ray Dalton   Fabio Stallone   Wade Stone   Logan Stevens   Dayton O’Connor   Jake Austin   Calvin (TIM)   Drew Sebastian   Ludo Sander
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media

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