Movie Review: Vegas Hustle, a NakedSword Original

Vegas Hustle - a NakedSword original gay porn - Brent CorriganGo-go boys, porn stars, fans, and average hot guys converge on Las Vegas for the HustlaBall. All those wild stories from Vegas that gave Vegas its reputation are likely to happen here. NakedSword has your VIP all-access pass to the wildest weekend in Vegas where today’s hottest gay porn stars show you their Vegas Hustle!

Texas Holcum’s got a hot ass that shady “businessman” Fx Rijos wants to sample, so according to the law of supply and demand, Fx seduces the innocent newcomer with free tickets to the HustlaBall. When Fx whips out his thick meat and tells Texas to suck, the newbie knows this so-called “free” is a price he wants to pay. While Texas is swallowing Fx’s hard-on, the nefarious top warms up that hole with his fingers. Fx tastes that hole and samples Texas’ large prick, and then it’s time to get serious. He bends Texas over and hammers his hole. After a hot ride, Texas swallows the load in appreciation for the tickets.

Hot go-go boy Chris Harder heads backstage after his HustlaBall performance to find his porn crush, the gorgeous Brent Corrigan (a Falcon Exclusive superstar), in the dressing room. Is he dreaming? Chris can hardly believe it when Brent tells him he liked his moves. Of course, the show they put on there in the dressing room is much hotter. Chris kneels to worship that famous dick, and then it’s his turn to feel Brent’s lips on his own meat. Brent takes command, turning Chris around to rim his hole and then pound it. After a fuck of a lifetime that Chris never wants to end, Brent feeds his seed to his biggest fan. When Chris finally emerges from the post-orgasmic daze, he sees the message Brent left on his mirror and knows it wasn’t a dream.

Just as Brent has his fans, so too does Chris. Cody Avalon wanted his favorite stripper all to himself, but finding him busy with Brent leaves Cody with a case of blue balls that he finally relieves with a stud he finds in the hotel’s billiard room. Super-hung Levi Madison, whose dick is nine inches long and about six inches around, is more than just a consolation prize. By the time Cody ends up hanging his head over the edge of the pool table so Levi can fuck his face, he’s forgotten all about his earlier frustration. But Levi’s so big that Cody can’t fit his mouth around him, so it’s time to test the flexibility of his asshole instead. After a wild ride in several positions, Cody ends up with Levi’s cream all over his face.

Hot partygoers Brandon Moore and Seth Santoro are instantly locked onto each other at the HustlaBall. They party like champions, ordering cocktails and shots together, matching each other drink for drink, but they’re never too drunk to fuck. The liquor just makes them even hornier, and in Seth’s room they consummate their newfound lust. Brandon teases Seth to full hardness with his bubble butt, and the two of them feast on each other’s cocks and assholes. Then they fuck hard until they black out. In the morning, they wake up with rings on their fingers!

The HustlaBall is the most decadent gay porn party on the planet and NakedSword lets you watch! It’s streaming exclusively on our VOD Theater.

Stars:   Brent Corrigan   Chris Harder   Cody Avalon   Fx Rijos   Brandon Moore   Levi Madison   Texas Holcum   Seth Santoro
Studio Name:   Naked Sword