Movie Review: Virgin Cherry Pop: Wade’s First Time

Virgin Cherry Pop: Wade's First TimeThose barebacking mavericks are back and have ensnared yet another hot young twink to shove their cocks into and man-handle in their generally aggressive, domineering fashion. As with all their previous amateur outings, most of the camera work in Virgin Cherry Pop: Wade’s First Time is handheld and passed among the participants, which adds to the raw feeling of the action and the improvised interaction about to unfold.

This time, it’s Wade at the hands of The Maverick Men’s insatiable appetite for raw twink ass — and what a lovely piece of raw twink ass this horny bottom boy is with all of his moaning.

The guys have just the right amount of sunlight for the bareback, cock-in-boyhole action so clear and detailed in this video — one of its strengths among the other often dark rendezvous that the fellas have had.

Wade also seems to have a similar sense of humor to the guys, which helps the chemistry between the three. Wade is also apparently a top so he begged the boys to let him top them, but they declined and showed his virgin ass a great time instead. That thought of breaching the unbreachable is pretty damn hot when watching the action.

If this really is his first time, he’s certainly taking to this ass-pounding thing well. You can tell he’s loving being dominated by these enthusiastic duo and follows their orders incredibly willingly.

Cole Maverick, the hot silver fox member of the Maverick team, takes up another of his trademark anal moves in which he lays his bottom boy flat, fucks him on top and holds him around the mouth as if the hard-hammering he was undergoing wasn’t of his own free will – it’s damn hot.

The banter between the three guys is, once again, one of the biggest assets of the latest in this series of films. Seeing the way they talk to him in that father-type intergenerational tone is such a turn-on for people who like the dynamic between twinks and older partners.

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