Movie Review: Who’s Yo Daddy 2

Who’s Yo Daddy 2 seeks to answer the question of who has the most super of all Super Cocks in the world of thugporn. It seems somebody demanded a rematch after real-life brothers Phat Daddy and King Dingo held a similar competition in part one of this fun-loving series from Pitbull Productions… or maybe it’s just that any excuse to have these two cute brothers starring opposite each other in a movie is good! We’re happy with that, because honestly, we’re Phat Daddy fans and we’re quickly growing fond of King Dingo as well.


To prove their worth as the winner of this special Super Cocks challenge, Phat Daddy and King Dingo each must take on the holes of some truly fine bottoms. In the interest of finding out whose cock reigns supreme, they have to do the same guys one after the other. Phat Daddy fucks long-haired hottie Seduction in the first scene, and then King Dingo fucks Seduction in scene two. We don’t find out who Seduction voted for, but he sure looks happy and well-fucked at the end of each liaison. In scenes three and four, respectively, King Dingo and then Phat Daddy fuck Brooklyn right in his dick-sucking lips and tight asshole.


At the end, a power bottom is called in to take on both brothers at the same time as a tie-breaker. The cameraman calls him a “professional bottom” from Fayetteville, North Carolina and says his vote counts twice. Twern has long braids held back in a ponytail, a muscular body, and a nice bubble butt. Whether he’s jousting or taking a cock at each end, you know he’s every bit the pro he was said to be. We won’t spoil the surprise, but we’ll say that one of the brothers taps out and therefore forfeits the crown. Something tells us there will be yet another rematch and we’ll be among the first to watch it!

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