Movie Review: Yes, Father 4 – Benediction

Watch Yes, Father 4: Benediction on AEBN“Yes, Father 4: Benediction” is the latest in a line of sacredly profane favorites from Bareback Network. If you’ve got it bad for the dirty priests and Catholic twinks who are coming of age, this one is sure to give you a kinky fix.

Carter Ford is a new enrollee at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Every time there’s a new boy at school there’s a flurry of interest, but this is something else altogether. Most of the fresh students just aren’t quite as hot as Carter, and yet he doesn’t know what to do with all of this attention. He’s never had so many guys trying to get in his pants before, and he’s excited to experience all that the new school has to offer him. When Father Romeo calls Carter to his office, the boy thinks that he’s in for an earful because of his sinful deeds. Indeed, the priest tells Carter that his roommate ratted him out for masturbating when he should be sleeping, but the boy is surprised to discover that Father Romeo has a pleasurable technique for punishment. The priest strokes Carter’s young cock until it’s throbbing, then turns the boy over his lap and spanks his inviting ass. Carter moans with forbidden lust as he feels the older man stretch his ass with a dildo, getting him ready for the holy cock. As Carter feels Father Romeo pummeling his hole, he jerks himself to orgasm. The hot priest creams the boy’s hole, fulfilling what has to be the best punishment Carter has received in his life.

Father Fiore takes special pleasure in hearing the schoolboys’ confessions. One day, Jace Madden enters the booth to tell of his habitual masturbation. Remembering what it was like to be a Catholic school boy with lust in his heart and loins, Father Fiore takes out his own dick and starts going at it as he listens to Jace describe what he does to himself. Finally, the horny priest sticks his erection through the curtains and tells the boy to touch him. Soon, Father Fiore’s face is planted in Jace’s ass, orally preparing him for sex. As the priest enters the boy’s booth and fucks his tight hole, it becomes clear that Jace won’t have to play with himself and break the rules again… he can simply receive the sacrament of spunk from his new favorite man of the cloth.

Felix O’Dair used to be a snitch, but that was before he entered the hallowed halls of St. Patrick’s and found himself giving in to the temptation of becoming a priest’s secret favorite. When a guilt-wracked Felix goes to confession and admits his sins, Father Landon is overcome with desire and gives Felix a whole new affair to confess. After all, giving in to temptation is one way to “cure” it.

After his confessional with Father Fiore took such an erotic turn, Jace is ready to find out if Father Landon can fuck him as well. Father Landon has been entertaining dirty thoughts about the sweet young blond, even dreaming about him every night. When Father Landon gives Jace his altar boy training, he’s delighted to find that Jace wants him just as much. Jace treats the priest’s cock like a fat stick of hard candy, and he’s got a major sweet tooth. Eventually, Father Landon can’t take another second without feeling that boy’s ass gripping his dick tightly. He pushes right into Jace’s ass and fucks fast and furious. When he’s ready to pop, the priest pulls out and splashes his load onto Jace’s cock and balls while Jace is in the middle of jerking out his own load.

The Church would never want you to see just how filthy and sinful these Daddy priests and Catholic altar boys can get! “Yes, Father 4: Benediction” is an achingly erotic new AEBN exclusive from Bareback Network.

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