Movie Review – Yes, Father 5: Ordination

“Yes, Father 5: Ordination” from Bareback Network takes us to the inner sanctum of St. Patrick’s Catholic School, an all-boys institution where the priests really take the students under their wing in a special way.

Jace Madden is a dutiful, devout student. He’s powerfully attracted to Father Landon, who looks so much like his own daddy that he can’t stop thinking of what it would be like to feel that priestly cock inside him. Jace never knew he felt so much forbidden lust for his dad, but now he’s angling for the chance to get Father Landon alone. This longing is no surprise to the priest, who’s been the subject of many schoolboy fantasies. Father Landon invites Jace to his office to find out if this platinum-haired twink is ready for all the hours they’re going to spend together in altar boy training. Once the formalities have been dispensed with, the priest pulls down the boy’s pants, bends him over his knees, and takes out a crystal dildo to prepare that tight little butt for the holy rood… er, rod in his pants. Jace is so worked up that Father Landon can’t wait another minute to consummate their mutual desires. After all the pent-up sexual tension, Jace finds out that it was worth every agonizing second when the father figure pushes his penis deep inside and pounds him in every position, including missionary, of course.

One might, at first, think that pale and dark-haired Felix O’Dair is a shy boy, but behind his quiet demeanor and devoted Bible study there lies a sensual being just waiting to be set free. Seeing himself in the boy in more ways than one, Father Fiore has taken a particular interest in Felix. The church elders also see the similarities between the young priest and the younger scholar, so they’ve assigned Father Fiore to train Felix to become an altar boy. When they meet for their first session, Felix is excited for the chance to be alone with this attractive man, and he does everything Father Fiore asks with the hopes that there will be something more than church business done today. Sure enough, the priest soon has the youth naked and spread wide for his tongue, followed by his cock.

After Father Fiore and Felix have their first “lesson,” the budding relationship between mentor and mentee gets more intense in scene three. Father Fiore shows Felix just what’s going to happen to his tender ass if he tells anyone what really goes on in their private meetings.

Now that Felix has experienced his first priest, it’s time for another man of the cloth to taste him. Father Landon, a concerned mentor who has some medical skills under his belt, comes to check up on the studious youth one day when he’s feeling a bit under the weather. After giving him a good examination, including a check of his throat, Father Landon figures out that this was a clever ruse on the boy’s part—Felix just wanted to be alone with him! Father Landon has been curious too, but he can’t let Felix know that. The boy needs to learn what happens when he lies to a priest. As punishment, Felix has to sit on Father Landon’s lap and do whatever he’s told. The more Felix feels the bulge in the priest’s pants, the harder his own cock gets and the more his hole aches to be filled. By the time Father Landon is balls deep in Felix’s tight little ass, the boy knows he had this aggressive breeding coming.

Delivering four scenes of raw, sacred sucking and fucking, “Yes, Father 5: Ordination” from Bareback Network is an AEBN exclusive that fulfills your religious fetish fantasies.