Movie Review: Young Again

In one of its most inventive fantasies yet, Disruptive Films delivers wish fulfillment and voyeurism in “Young Again,” our featured movie this week.

A lonely older man named Mitch (LGBTQ legend Chi Chi LaRue) lives for the few minutes of each day when he can stare through the peephole as his gorgeous neighbor Jordan (Latinx hunk Ricky Larkin) comes and goes, always on schedule. Mitch doesn’t notice that Jordan is creeped out by hearing him at the door. One day, when Mitch works up the courage to step outside and say hello, it doesn’t go the way he wants. Mitch retreats to his room in shame and despair, but then his foot brushes against a package from his sister that he forgot to open. He reads the letter, which is about manifesting what he wants in life using the crystals that she’s sent. Mitch thinks crystals are silly, but he takes two handfuls, expresses his wish to be young again, and lies back to sleep with his arms crossed over his chest.

When Mitch wakes up the next day and sees his hot younger self (Michael Del Ray) in the mirror, he’s ecstatic. The crystals worked!

Wasting no time, Mitch waits in the stairwell for Jordan. He pretends to be Mitch’s nephew Mike, making up a story that he had to wear his uncle’s clothes because of an airline screwup. Jordan offers to lend “Mike” something to wear and invites him into the apartment. Mitch snoops around while Jordan’s in another room, sniffing some discarded clothing and the seat of Jordan’s chair. Jordan invites him into the bedroom and hands him a tank top to wear – not for long, as Jordan makes it clear that he wants to fuck. Mitch practically giggles when he gets to touch Jordan’s ripped chest.

Jordan lies back and directs Mitch’s hand into his pants. Mitch almost blows it by talking too much, but Jordan shrugs off the weird comments and continues to fondle the young guy’s throbbing erection, pulling it out from under his shorts and starting to suck him off. They take turns orally pleasing each other. Jordan leaves to get some lube, which he spreads around Mitch’s hole. He gently smacks his boner against Mitch’s crack as Mitch excitedly rocks back and forth on all fours. Jordan pushes his fat cock into Mitch’s tight hole and shows Mitch the good time that he’s only dreamed of till now. After cumming, Mitch excitedly swallows every drop of Jordan’s hot load.

Mitch asks to see Jordan again tomorrow, and Jordan sleepily agrees. When Jordan dozes off, Mitch gently kisses his forehead before leaving. But when tomorrow comes, the magic of the crystals has worn off!

In scene two, Todd (a character behind the camera whom we hear but never see) has a fetish for filming gorgeous performers of any orientation or gender having sex. He communicates with his performers, telling them what to wear and how to move, always making sure they’re comfortable and asking them to talk to the camera.

Today he’s got blond jock Johnny Ford and bubble-butt bottom Michael Boston on camera out by his swimming pool. There’s some conversation about why they’re here and what they’re going to do, followed by some sexy modeling that Todd’s assistant photographs. Todd directs Johnny and Michael to drench each other with oil so you can see through their white underwear. He brings the men inside for more explicit photos as they tease each other before the main anal event.

In the house, Todd asks Johnny and Michael to suck each other’s big dicks before they start to fuck. As any fan of Michael Boston’s knows, bottoming is his specialty, and that’s exactly what we see here. With an ass that thick and juicy in front of him, it would be a shame for Johnny not to pound it!

If you’re into voyeurism, if you dream of being a porn director, if you wish you could direct porn stars to fuck the way you like to see, then this scene should be a huge turn-on. Even if you don’t have the same fetish, it’s incredible to see such phenomenal sexual performers at their finest, enjoying the chance to be playthings for Todd and his camera.

Disruptive Films has brought us another refreshing, exciting pair of scenes. Don’t miss “Young Again” on our adult VOD theater!