Movie Review: Young Perps 13

Watch Young Perps 13 on AEBNBareback Network has another batch of young offenders getting busted by loss prevention and security officers in “Young Perps 13.” For these authority figures, busting criminals has never been more exciting!

Amun (aka Christian Blake), a 19-year-old Latin twink with sleepy eyes and a surly attitude, has been caught with some illicit substances. Back in the security guards’ office, Amun doesn’t want to cooperate but he has to submit to a search and interrogation. Torey Roll and Mike Maverick, two handsome young guards, accuse him of selling his wares on the premises; they’ve got witnesses who saw him do it. Eventually, Amun understands that the only way he can get out of this sticky situation is by giving up both of his holes to the security guards with their big black cocks, leading to an interracial threeway right there in the office.

Drake Magnum is a regular in the Young Perps series, and we’ve come (pun intended) to appreciate this smooth, muscular young Black hunk whether he’s busting a young offender on his own or with another officer. This time he and the beefy daddy Vinnie Stefano have hauled a cute, brand new twunk named Alonso Meyer into the back room for an interrogation, a search, and a threesome that will hopefully ensure that the perp learns his lesson and doesn’t do it again.

Loss Prevention Officers Alex Riley and Ethan Thompson catch mischievous twunk Bar Addison in the act of stealing cell phones right there on camera. Bar won’t talk, so they fill his mouth with their big, throbbing cocks. Once their meaty fuck sticks are wet with his spit, they take turns punishing his ass with deep, powerful thrusts. Will getting slammed keep him out of the slammer?

Ethan Thompson has experience busting young perps. This time he’s caught a pair of horny teenage stepbrothers emerging from the women’s changing room, where they were heard to be making “strange, sexual noises”: Pierce Olson and Marcus Mayhem. These two are just lucky to be in the clutches of one of the hottest LP officers around. Ethan bends the two of them over the table, side by side so he can dip his BBC into their tight holes one after the other. It sure beats having to deal with the cops.

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Stars:   Ethan Thompson   Bar Addison   Alex Riley (m)   Pierce Olson   Marcus Mayhem   Alonso Meyer   Torey Roll   Vinnie Stefano   Mike Maverick   Drake Magnum   Roman Blake
Studio Name:   Bareback Network