Movie Review: Young Perps 4

young perps 4, bareback network, interracial, gay, pornBareback Network is back this week with “Young Perps 4,” the latest installment of its stimulating series about security guards taking out their sexual frustrations on larcenous youths, teaching them what will happen if they get caught stealing again. The thieves are given the choice to either be arrested or take the loss prevention officer’s cock up their ass. Interrogations quickly turn into sexual power plays, captured on hidden cameras. Getting patted down has never been this intimate or humiliating for these law-breaking twinks.

Beefy daddy Vinnie Stefano apprehends young Latino Mendoza Monroe and sticks him in the back room to wait while Vinnie does some paperwork. Mendoza decides to take the stolen merchandise out of his backpack and hide it all around the room, but he’s on camera. Vinnie sees what’s going on and goes to strip-search the young scofflaw. Mendoza is quick to accept Vinnie’s terms and gets fucked raw so that he can avoid the cops.

Mendoza is a repeat offender, for the next scene sees him right back in the LP office with his accomplice, a young Black cutie named Darian Foster. After being busted for taking too long in the fitting room with some women’s underwear, Mendoza and Darian are taken to the back room for questioning. They have to come to an agreement with Drake Morgan, the loss prevention officer. When the choice is getting fucked or arrested, it’s not a hard decision to make: Drake gets to fuck both of these twinks raw with his big black cock.

Drake Morgan busts 19-year-old Austin Lock, a tiny twink, for the second time. Obviously the first incident wasn’t enough to discourage the boy from offending again, so Drake brings in his stepfather, Alex Killian. Normally a second offense would automatically be escalated to the police, but Drake sees the opportunity to get himself a little taboo threeway action with the bearded daddy and the teenage stepson.

Mike Maverick is a muscular Black security guard who has caught Kai Falco, a scruffy 18-year-old, stuffing spray paint cans into his backpack and walking out of the hardware store without paying for them. It turns out Kai is a habitual vandal with a criminal record, so Mike has some good leverage over the teen. There’s no way out of this situation for Kai that won’t involve getting screwed somehow, so he takes the LP officer up on the chance to ride his big dick raw and avoid another arrest.

For the horniest of these boys, it won’t be a deterrent at all and, in fact, we might see them back in the loss prevention office again within the week.

Stars:   Alex Killian   Austin Lock   Drake Morgan   Kai Falco   Jackson Taylor   Vinnie Stefano   Mendoza Monroe   Mike Maverick
Studio Name:   Bareback Network

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